We built Waitwhile with love to make waiting more worthwhile

Our Story

Few things are duller than waiting in line for something. Wouldn't it be neater if you just got a text once it's your turn so you can do something fun while waiting? That's the basic idea that inspired Waitwhile.

People spend 37 Billion hours per year waiting in line, in US alone. Globally, the number is probably closer to a Trillion hours (!) per year. Point is, an enormous amount of human potential is wasted.

Part of the problem is that many businesses are using "dumb" tools to manage their queues. Things like paper waitlists, number slips, buzzers and pagers. Shouting the name of the next person in line. The businesses don't get any insight into wait times or who their guests are. Guests get tired in their legs from standing around. There just seemed to be a smarter way to manage queues where both the business and the guest wins.

Waitwhile removes all the hassle with waitlists - both for guests and businesses. Businesses can quickly add guests to a waitlist and see how long they have been waiting at a glance. Then with a tap of a button, they can send text notifications when they're ready to serve. Waitwhile lets guests roam freely and be more productive, and they'll adore the business for it. Total win-win. In fact, this reduces no-shows with over 15% - that's a lot of extra sales!

Any kind of business can benefit from an online waitlist. Our happy users range from barbershops and beauty salons to pharmacies and gyms. Essentially any business that can't afford to waste their customers time and want to make their waiting more worthwhile.

So welcome to a better wait experience, where waiters' won't necessarily have to wait around anymore. Welcome to Waitwhile.

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