Say hello to a smarter waitlist with features you'll love.

Notify with SMS and Email

Text or email customers that you're ready with just a tap. With automatic reminders your customers are always up to date and two-way texting lets them reply back.

Personalize messages

Personalize your texts and emails with your customer's name, place in line, current wait time and much more.

Customize everything

Make the waitlist truly yours by adding services, staff, seat requirement, your logo and more.

Multiple waitlists and staff

Add as many waitlists as you want and easily toggle between them. You can also share access with your staff members.

Public waitlist

Show your waitlist online or on a TV monitor at your business to keep everyone up to date.

Check-in kiosk

Let your customers sign up to your waitlist through - online or on a check-in kiosk.

Schedule bookings

Book appointments and keep your bookings in sync with your walk-in waitlist.

Serving overview

See at a glance who you are currently serving and how much time is left.

Accurate wait times

Set expectations with your customers by automatically giving them the expected wait times by party size, staff member or time of day.

Useful customer insights

Learn who your top customers are, visitor trends over time and other waitlist metrics. You can export data too.

Team management

Invite your team to your waitlist and let them manage your waitlist alongside you.

Role permissions

Set permissions and access by team member. Assign team members to customers in your waitlist

Resource management

Add your different resources (e.g. tables, vehicles, rooms) and let customers schedule them.

Services & goods

Add your services and goods to track your revenues and utilization.

Brand it

Choose your theme, logo and branding to reflect your business.


Keep track of your waitlist, bookings, customers, revenues and more at a glance under your dashboard.

Real-time sync and secure

Your waitlist is always synced in fiber-optic speed using secure servers. No need to even refresh your browser!

Global coverage

Whether you're in Stockholm, Arkansas or Hong Kong our global SMS coverage will work for you.

Powerful API

Integrate Waitwhile with the services and apps that you use and love already with our powerful and configurable API

Webhooks & Endpoints

Subscribe to all events in Waitwhile programatically to keep your services up to date with your waitlist and scheduling activities.

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