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Common questions

Why use a waitlist app?
With paper waitlists, locating customers is far less efficient, and you’re not capturing valuable visit history. Pagers on the other hand are clunky and expensive. With Waitwhile, you get all the benefits of a pager system but with no fuzz.
Is it really for free?
Yep, it's totally free for up to 100 waitlisted parties per months! If you ever need more than that, we offer simple and affordable plans.
Can I make my waitlist public?
You bet! You get both a public and private waitlist. In the public one, guests can sign-up themselves (optionally), view the current waitlist and even cancel their spot. In the private one, you can send SMS alerts, remove guests from the list and much more.
Can I add my staff, services or other options for the waitlist?
Yes! Here is where Waitwhile really shines. It allows you to customize your waitlist perfectly for your business. Add your different services, staff members or other business-specific options and these will become available when adding new guests to your waitlist.
What kind of insights and customer data do I get?
All kinds. First, you can see daily and weekly trends of waitlisted guests and percentage of no-shows. You can also see peak days and hours to help you estimate capacity based on your most popular hours. Second, you're able to see who your most frequent customers are, how long they usually wait and how many times they've been there. Third, you get insights into your average wait times by party size and you can use this to give guests a great wait estimate, automatically.
Can I export the data?
Most definitely. You can support it to a file that you can easily import into Excel and most other Analytics and CRM systems.
Can I try Waitwhile before signing up?
Indeed you can! Check out our Demo waitlist where you can try Waitwhile in action. We've also recorded a tutorial video (5 min) that gives you a good introduction.
What devices does Waitwhile run on?
Waitwhile is a web-based app which means it can run on an iPad, laptop or any computer with internet access. Once your account is created, just login to using your device's web browser.
What types of phones work with Waitwhile?
Waitwhile works with any cell-phone in the world. Just enter your guests phone number and it will automatically support sending them SMS alerts and confirmations.
What about the customers that do not have cell phones?
If a guest doesn’t have a phone or they don't want to share their phone number, they can still be added to the waitlist for easily managing their place in line.
Do customers need to install anything?
Nope, and neither do you! Everything is done through the web browser so need to download or install anything.
Can I customize the SMS text alerts?
Sure thing! You can change your confirmation and alert SMS to better suit your business. It even supports personalization so you can address your customer by name and include variables like estimated wait time and place in line.
How about emails?
Works just as well! If you add a guests email address they will get a confirmation email that they have been added to your waitlist with all the necessary info. You can customize this too.
Does it support multiple managers and admins?
Most definitely! You can add as many managers as you want to help manage your waitlist. Each get their own login so you don't need to share any credentials.
How do I manage multiple business locations?
You can add and manage as many waitlists in your Waitwhile account as you need. For example, if your business has multiple locations you can keep distinct waitlists for each and easily toggle between them!
Is cheese really a mold?
Yes it is! But a good kind of mold.

Help topics

Set up a Check-in Kiosk

Learn how to set up a self-serve check-in kiosk for your guests to add themselves to your waitlist

Customize your SMS and Emails

Learn how to create perfect alerts using SMS and Emails to keep your guests happy and informed.

Invite your Team

Invite and manage your team, share login, assign members to guest and set working hours.

Manage multiple waitlists

Learn how to create multiple waitlists in your account and switch between them easily

Your guest page

Learn about the guest page you can include in your alerts for your guests to see the wait status online

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