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Delight buyers and sellers by offering a virtual waitlist option. You’ll be able to streamline your sales process with Waitwhile – the intelligent waitlist app. Create a free waitlist for your office with SMS notifications in under 3 minutes.

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With Waitwhile, businesses have saved 100 million customers more than 10,000 years of waiting in line...
...and counting

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Make it easy for house hunters to join the waitlist from anywhere

Save your buyers time by letting them check in from a kiosk tablet, your website, or by sending a text to join the line. Waitwhile’s online waitlist works on any smart device. No app required.

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Let real estate buyers do what they like while waiting

Give clients back their time by allowing them to wait from anywhere. Our ‘alert’ features make it easy to keep them informed of their place in line and give them enough time to come back when their turn’s up.

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Empower your staff by letting them manage lines from anywhere

With Waitwhile’s simple scheduling system, your staff can log in and manage the waitlist from any smartphone, tablet or computer, even if your Wi-Fi goes down. Both staff and clients can view current wait times from anywhere at any time.

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Merge walk-ins and appointments into one line

Whether house buyers walk in or schedule an appointment in advance, our powerful waitlist will automatically merge the two, making the wait fair for everyone.

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Boost your business with better client communications

Use our easy to customize, 2-way messaging feature to thank clients for coming, or ask guests to fill out a quick survey. The possibilities are endless!

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Works with the other apps your real estate office uses

Waitwhile lets you connect your waitlist with your CRM, POS, Calendar, Ticket Manager, Slack channel, Website, App... you name it.

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“Hemos salvado a más de 3 millones de clientes en cola a través de Waitwhile más de 140.000 días de espera en la cola. Ha sido impecable”.

Cliff Stefanuk

Propietario de producto, Best Buy

El 95 % de los comentarios de los usuarios sobre nuestra aplicación de pedidos se debe a lo fácil que es usarla. Se le ha llamado magia. Y eso es gracias a Waitwhile.

Kevin Yim

Vicepresidente de marketing y comunicaciones, Zippy's


“Esperar a los miembros de la familia durante la cirugía puede ser estresante. A nuestros equipos les encanta Waitwhile porque aporta empatía a un proceso difícil”.

Andrew Turczak

Director general, Hartford HealthCare

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