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Use Waitwhile integrations to sync your customer flow across your entire tech stack. Connect seamlessly with your CRM, POS, calendar, ticket manager, slack channel – you name it


Create powerful workflows by creating your own integrations. Build quickly with the robust Waitwhile API, which comes with comprehensive guides and documentation.

Just a few of the applications Waitwhile plays nice with

Waitwhile makes it possible to automate how you manage your operations to save you time and money.

Share waitlist updates with your guests and team on Slack. In real time.
Sync your waitlist customers with Salesforce, providing your team with valuable information about each customer's experience.
Subscribe your waiting guests to your latest Mailchimp campaign and send out your check-in page to customers inviting them to stop by or make an appointment.
Send your guests a survey after their visit automatically to collect feedback on how you’re doing and what can be improved.
Google Sheets
Sync your waitlisted guests into a Google spreadsheet or create powerful analytics reports automatically based on your visit data.
Google Ads
Track advertising conversions on your Waitwhile waitlist and online bookings page.
Let your Facebook page followers automatically join your waitlist straight from your page and track your performance.
google print
Google Cloud Print
Automatically print a confirmation receipt for your guests with their place in line and counter number.
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook
Automatically sync bookings in your Outlook calendar.
Google Calender
Google Calendar
Automatically sync bookings in your Google calendar.
Zapier lets Waitwhile connect with thousands of products and services with an easy drag-and-drop interface.
Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Office 365
Automatically create events, emails, Excel entries and much more with the powerful Office integrations.
Create new cards and update boards based on your waitlist activity. Power up your productivity!
Create new tickets automatically when guests are added to your waitlist and update the status when they are served.
Connect with your own business phone number to send SMS texts and Voice calls from your waitlist and bookings.
Create and route your helpdesk tickets automatically from your waitlist and know who to serve next.
Sync your bookings and waitlists with your events and check-in and track your event attendees seamlessly.
Include a Zoom video call link in your waitlist and booking messages automatically.
google forms
Google Forms
Create custom Google forms that feed into your waitlist giving you more control and flexibility of your guest intake.
Square POS
Square POS
Sync your POS with your waitlist so that transactions automatically add a customer to your waitlist (or vice versa).

Create a unified customer journey

Configure Waitwhile to be on-brand for your business at scale across any number of locations. Fully customize the UX for any flow – including logos, colors, fonts, and more – to maintain a consistent brand experience across all consumer touchpoints.

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