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Learn how companies use Waitwhile to deliver incredible wait experiences for millions of people around the world.
Tribeca Film Festival
Tribeca Film Festival makes waiting delightful for 30k+ festival attendees with Waitwhile at their annual festival.
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Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton use Waitwhile across their 150+ stores around the world to manage queues and provide their clients a world-class experience.
 State of Colorado
State of Colorado relies on Waitwhile to manage various helpdesks and ticketing services across multiple departments.
Louis Vuitton
Facebook rely on Waitwhile to manage the queues at their Oculus Rift events.
LinkedIn use Waitwhile for their recruiting events and for their student outreach events.
Hartford HealthCare hospitals
Hartford HealthCare hospitals rely on Waitwhile to manage their patient lines and wait times across multiple departments.
VR Arles Festival used Waitwhile to successfully manage their lines for 40 000 visitors across 18 immersive VR experiences.
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Louis Vuitton
Mercedes-Benz rely on Waitwhile to improve operations at dealerships in the US and the wait times for their customers.
Louis Vuitton
Outdoors retailer Cabela’s use Waitwhile to manage an end-to-end queuing experience to delight their store visitors.
Nevada State College use Waitwhile everyday to manage the queue for their student services and support center.

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