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Cut the wait with a queue management system

Delight customers right from the start by letting them line up virtually and wait from anywhere.

Waitwhile’s queue management solution streamlines customer flow with automation, giving your staff more time to serve guests while reducing wait times for customers.

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Why businesses use Waitwhile’s queue management system and virtual queue solution

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no-img Smarter tools for better customer flow
no-img Operational data & insights
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Louis Vuitton

Waitwhile helps Louis Vuitton create luxury check-in experiences across locations worldwide

Louis Vuitton has been relying on Waitwhile to deliver exceptional customer experiences in their global retail spaces since 2017.

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Waitwhile improves the wait experience for guests at Tribeca Film Festival

Tribeca Film Festival makes waiting delightful for 30k+ festival attendees with Waitwhile at their annual festival.

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Applebee's uses Waitwhile to improve the guest experience & save staff time

Applebee's needed a better way to manage crowds and make waiting more streamlined for their customers across 441 locations.

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Yale New Haven

Queue management features

Queue management automation

Get more done with fewer staff. Waitwhile automates the work associated with managing queues such as scheduling, check-in, sending reminders, and coordinating staff.

Guests can join the line from any device. Waitwhile gives your customers accurate wait times with AI-powered estimation that learns from your business operations and data.

Smarter tools for better customer flow

Transform how customers feel about waiting in line with Waitwhile’s suite of smart tools – such as 2-way messaging and wait estimation algorithms – built into every waitlist. You’ll be able to tell customers exactly how long they have to wait and communicate with them via SMS or email before and after their visit.

Operational data & insights

See when your business is busiest, which items or services people love best, and more. Easy-to-understand customer journey data is collected automatically when you use Waitwhile as your queue management system.

Waitlist customization

Make your waitlist a reflection of your business with our easy-to-use customization tools. You’ll be able to choose colors, logos, and design elements that reflect your brand, then select the workflow type and integrations that make the most sense for your staff, your customers, and your business.

How it works

We’ve helped businesses around the world create better lines for 150 million customers, so we know what works and we make it easy to get started. Plus, you can customize every aspect to make your experience perfectly on-brand.

Work is easier when your tools play nice together

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The most effective way to manage queues at scale

Secure, reliable, flexible, and functional–across multiple locations and departments. Waitwhile is the perfect queue management solution for your Enterprise needs and requirements.


Boost loyalty & engagement with actionable data


Track & optimize each location with staff & business analytics


High security platform with little need for IT intervention


Competitive pricing designed to reflect the variability of operations


API access for a fully integrated and tailored solution

Queue management for any type of business

See how our queue management system is used to simplify and optimize the day-to-day for different kinds of businesses.

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