We're on a mission to eliminate wait times

People spend 1 Trillion hours every year waiting in lines. That’s an incredible amount of human potential to unlock - and Waitwhile is the key. Join us today!
Waitwhile builds a suite of queue-eliminating products for businesses to improve their waiting experiences and make better use of their customers valuable time.
People waitlisted
Years of wait time eliminated
Customer companies
Countries have lines being powered by Waitwhile

Our guiding principles

Delightful experience at every touchpoint
Using Waitwhile should feel light and magical - regardless if you’re a business or a customer that is joining a line. We obsess over every pixel, wireframe and feature to ensure the experience is always delightful - and we’re not afraid to cut functionality that we think adds bulk or complexity.
Integrations make us better together
We know that the best products are those that work in unison with the other products and tools you already are using. Waitwhile aims to be the best in the world on wait time management - for everything else we enable connections to thousands of other products through our extraordinary API.
Customer privacy is worth protecting
Waitwhile is uniquely designed to capture customer data of those that visit your business and get in line – while allowing private customer data to be safely encrypted and anonymized. We never sell, trade or share your customer data with any other business - and we take extraordinary measures to keep it safe and secure.
Security that exceeds enterprise standards
Security officers at companies of all sizes have confidently signed off on Waitwhile. That’s because we build on Google Cloud Platform’s already-massive security investments by adding the utmost consideration for physical, operational, and application security.

Our offices

San Francisco
Headquarters, Funston Ave
Development Hub, Södermalm

Waitwhile is growing and we need your help!

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