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Making Your Event a Hit with A Virtual Queue Management System 🔥🔥

Nothing can turn an exciting event into a boring experience more than waiting. it’s important to provide an action-packed experience - not long lines!


Aleksandra Sławik

Fri Apr 12 2019 • 3 min read

Making Your Event a Hit with A Virtual Queue Management System 🔥🔥

It doesn’t matter how much ‘hype’ and marketing has been done for the next big affair, nothing can turn an exciting event in to a boring experience more than waiting. With most events not open day after day year round, it’s important to provide an action packed experience for your attendees - not long lines. A Virtual Queue Management System can change everything when it comes to how your guests interact with your event. Here’s how to ditch the pen and paper, and use virtual queuing to take your event to the next level.


#1 Plan Ahead - Set Up the Week Before 💭

Understanding the ‘flow’ and how guests will interact with the displays you’ve provided is key to any successful event. Taking the time to get a clear understanding of what you are offering and how you want people to participate will help your event crafters begin to create a seamless experience for your guests. This also allows for plenty of time to find all of the ‘problem areas’ before the day even starts, giving you the opportunity to smooth out the issues well in advance.
Many waitlist programs like Waitwhile offer a ‘free version’ or a ‘trial’, giving you the opportunity to set up the lists the way that will work best for your event and try it out before you have people coming through the doors.

#2 Know What is Happening At All Times 🤓

In order to make sure that everything is working the way it should during any event is making sure that you can easily get an idea of what is happening when almost instantly. Choosing a virtual queue management system allows you to be able to stay information anywhere you have access to the internet, making you a portable command center whereever you go.
Waitlist apps like Waitwhile provide an easy to read Dashboard, giving all of your users the information they need to know instantly. Keep track of the number of people on your waitlist, incoming appointments, how long the wait is, and lots more without lots of ‘clicks’ or searching to eat up your time.

#3 Sign Up and Give Wait Times Without Downloading Anything ⏰

Not everyone ‘wants another app to add to their phone’, especially for a single event. That’s why it’s important to choose a virtual management system that we won’t make your guests download anything to be able to reserve a spot in line. Choose a waitlist app like Waitwhile that can be easily viewed via a normal URL link, making it easy for your customers to ‘get in line’ anywhere an internet connection is available! Use your waitlist link in the navigation bar of your website or add it to your social media pages, and with the right app, your guests can even receive a customized link or text with their estimated wait time right to their phone.

#4 Make Your Guest’s Wait Worthwhile 🦄

Let’s be honest: No one likes to wait, it feels like a waste and the longer your guests have to wait in a long line, the less likely you are to provide them with the ideal experience at your event. Your event has a lot going on! This is why you should choose a virtual que to give your customers the opportunity to do something else while they wait for their turn. This helps promote sales with other vendors or interactions at other displays, turning their experience into a more action packed event than they initially planned.
Choose a program like Waitwhile that shows a personalized and real ETA to each guest based on information that the program is gathering as the event is happening. With a link to their personal wait time sent directly via SMS text, your event’s guests can see a real wait estimate based on all of the information in your system, freeing them up to go do something else while they wait!

#5 Use ‘Thanks’ as a Marketing Tool 💗

Whether you only have one person working at a time, or an army of event superstars, you can never say ‘thank you’ enough to your attendees. Use the information your virtual queue app gathered throughout the event to contact every guest after the event. A smart waitlist queue like Waitwhile allow you to create a customized automatic email or text message saying whatever you want. Need ideas? Try sending a text message to ask your guests to complete a survey about their experience or send a link to your social media pages to promote more interaction. With the ability to customize these messages in the way that works best for your business, the possibilities are endless!

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