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Discover the most user-friendly queue management and appointment scheduling system on the market, designed to streamline your operations and enhance customer experience.
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Elevated experiences for your customers and your team

Leverage Waitwhile’s platform for queuing, appointments, and events to create and manage physical and digital customer journeys at scale.

Engage customers to drive loyalty

Customer satisfaction fuels your business, and you can improve it with seamless experiences at your physical locations. Let customers wait from anywhere with virtual waitlists and keep them in the loop with automatic two-way communications of their choice.

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Set employees up to shine and sell

Your workforce is your most valued asset—provide them with the right tools to succeed. Waitwhile helps increase sales opportunities and close rates with leading clienteling solutions, while freeing up time for customer interactions by automating mundane tasks.

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Enable frontline managers to operate efficiently

Operational efficiency is key to your bottom line. Waitwhile equips managers and team leaders with tools for resource planning and empowers customers to be productive while waiting, creating a streamlined work environment that attracts new talent.

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Improve decision making at all levels

Understand the root cause of inefficiencies as well as the drivers of delightful customer journeys. Waitwhile’s comprehensive insights enable leaders throughout the organization to focus on the most impactful improvements. OSU saw a 50% reduction in no-show rates.

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Supercharge your customer journeys


25% *

Less waiting


20% *

Fewer no-shows


35% *

Higher customer satisfaction


30% *

Lower operating cost


20% *

Increase in sales

*On average

Manage customer flow like a boss

Track and limit occupancy, prioritize VIP customers, and get instant insight into customer wait times segmented by customer, staff member, or type of service.

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Build customer profiles

Never forget a face or an email address. Know previous services guests have received, their number of past visits, and more. Use the contact information you gather to create marketing campaigns.

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Waitwhile works great with the tools you love

Waitwhile lets you connect your waitlist with your CRM, POS, Calendar, Ticket Manager, Slack channel, Website, App... you name it.

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Set operations on auto pilot

Automate appointment confirmations, thank you messages, and requests for feedback. Plus, set cancellation notice requirements, maximum number of appointments, and more.

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Analyze, optimize, repeat

Optimize your operations based on knowing when your business is the busiest, which services are most popular, who the most efficient employees are, and more.

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PERFECT CUSTOMER JOURNEYS for any type of business

Waitwhile powers end-to-end customer flows for thousands of companies across virtually every industry around the world.


“We've saved over 3 million customers queued through Waitwhile more than 140,000 days of waiting in line. It's been seamless.”

Cliff Stefanuk

Product Owner, Best Buy

95% of user feedback about our ordering app is how easy it is to use. It has been called magic. And that’s thanks to Waitwhile.

Kevin Yim

VP Marketing & Communications, Zippy’s


“Waiting for family members during surgery can be stressful. Our teams love Waitwhile because it brings empathy into a difficult process.”

Andrew Turczak

Managing Director, Hartford HealthCare

Best in Class

Waitwhile continues to be a customer and editor favorite, scoring top marks from the likes of Capterra, G2, and more.











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