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Make your wait experience amazing with Waitwhile, the intelligent waitlist app. Create a free waitlist for your business with SMS notifications — in less than 3 minutes.

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The Standard for Queue Management Used by 10,000+ Organizations Worldwide

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How Waitwhile can help during COVID-19

waitwhile Eliminate lines

Eliminate lines

Let customers join line from their phone and wait remotely for their turn.

waitwhile Limit entrance

Limit entrance

Control the number of customers in your store at any time.

waitwhile Curbside pickup

Curbside pickup

Let customers stay in their car until their order is ready.


Joining your waitlist has never been easier

Let guests check-in to your waitlist on a Kiosk, by just sending a text or from the comfort of their home through your website. Or have them go through your host for a more personal experience - you’re always in control of the flow.

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Let guests wait from anywhere

Guests are informed about their current wait time through SMS, Email or Slack - and when it’s time to return. That means they can wait from anywhere. Plus, they can update their status on their phone and your team can reply back.

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Manage your line with ease

Control your waitlist on any smartphone, tablet or computer. View the current wait time, call and serve guests or change the order. Even if your WiFi goes down, Waitwhile has you covered.

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Track the number of customers in your store

Promote social distancing with Waitwhile's capacity management feature. Track occupancy and activate your waitlist when your store reaches its max capacity.

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Schedule bookings seamlessly

Let guests join the line now or schedule a time in advance. With a powerful bookings feature that automatically syncs the appointments with your waitlist, your guests have total flexibility.

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Thank them for visiting

When the visit is over, your guest is thanked and asked to rate their experience. Use the feedback to find ways to improve and catch unhappy guests - before they post a bad review online!

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Improve your operations

With powerful analytics, you will learn about your wait times, visit patterns and resource usage. Waitwhile will automatically recommend improvements and tweak your operations with machine-learning to reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction.

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Works with the tools you already use

With our powerful REST API and plug-and-play integrations with Slack, Google Calendar, SalesForce and thousands of other services, your waitlist is always in sync with your business.

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Waitwhile is trusted by 10,000+ businesses worldwide

Charles Johnson
Waitwhile has been an invaluable tool for our store teams in managing client’s wait-time expectations during peak seasons and year round.
Charles Johnson

Charles Johnson, Project Manager, Louis Vuitton

Charles Johnson
We use Waitwhile to manage attendee viewing times in our Virtual Arcade. Our staff finds it flexible and easy to use. Our guests appreciate the convenience.
Vito Ziccardi

Vito Ziccardi, Producer, Tribeca Film Festival

Mats Alexander
Waitwhile is super easy to use and helps us serve our customers more efficiently.
Auction Nation Mats

Mats Alexander, Director, Auction Nation

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Still not convinced?

Maybe this big ol' list of features will help

Intelligent wait time estimation

Check-in kiosk

Multi-location support

Toggle between waiting & serving

Appointment scheduling

Merge bookings with walk-ins

Analytics dashboard

Resource management

Instant synchronization

CRM & Customer insights

Export/Import guest data

Real-time service reports

TV monitor support

Message personalization

2-way messaging

Global SMS coverage

Saved / canned responses

Survey / feedback

Single-sign on (SSO/SAML)

Zapier support

Integration with CRMs

GDPR and HIPAA compliant

Encrypted guest data

White-label design

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