Waitwhile helps Hartford HealthCare provide exceptional experience to patients and their families

With Andrew Turczak from Hartford HealthCare
Customer Satisfaction

Hartford HealthCare has used Waitwhile since 2017 to provide an exceptional experience to keep patients’ relatives that are waiting in stressful and high anxiety situations in the know.


The Challenge

In 2017, Hartford HealthCare realized that the most important piece to achieving the goal of exceptional service and increased satisfaction was to provide a better experience when communicating with the patients and their family members. Hartford HealthCare now uses Waitwhile to provide this experience to their patients, visitors and family members.

Connecticut’s healthcare network was aware that they didn’t have a great way of communicating with family members and visitors to keep them updated throughout surgical care. They started seeking tools that would allow them to address this difficulty family members are facing - being anxious about not knowing what’s happening to their loved ones for many stressful hours during a procedure.



Hartford HealthCare worked with Waitwhile to develop a program to be able to register patients, family members, and visitors to keep them updated throughout a surgical process. Waitwhile’s key feature that Hartford HealthCare relies on is sending automated messages throughout the patient’s stay updating them on the status of their patient. The team at Hartford HealthCare set up an information path that allows them to update family members every step of the way.


The message flow sends a welcome message followed up by an update when surgeons are finishing in the operating room. This allows family members to prepare to meet with the doctor or prepare for a phone call. Afterwards, another message is sent when the patient hits the recovery room and finally, a text is sent when the patient is ready to be seen by visitors. What’s better is this is a two way SMS functionality - when family members have questions, they can talk directly to Hartford HealthCare staff in real time. Likewise, if medical staff have a one off question or something unique to share, they’re able to directly communicate to family members as well.


Due to the success of the adaptation of the Waitwhile program to the Hartford HealthCare system, the program is looking to expand its use in different ways throughout the system.

When asked about what they love the most about Waitwhile, Andrew Turczak, Director of Operations Connecticut Orthopaedic Institute Hartford HealthCare, said: “It’s functionality and being a user-friendly application. We hear that from people working in the hospital, but also from the consumers, family members that this app is very easy to use”. He also underlined that the pricing is very reasonable and they’re very happy with how Waitwhile is solving their problem with consistent support if the Hartford Healthcare team has to troubleshoot anything.


Since the Waitwhile app was incorporated into Hartford HealthCare operations, the organization consistently receives positive reviews from family members. Patients and their loved ones report that they feel that they’re ‘kept in the know’ more than any other medical institutions they have been to in the past. It’s believed that Waitwhile adds to the overall experience for both patient and family members because everyone is more at ease throughout the entire procedure.


Overall, Waitwhile has greatly improved the patient’s experience at Hartford HealthCare and grew satisfaction to 99% simply because Waitwhile has made it easier for family members to stay up to date on the medical procedure in real time with Hartford HealthCare.

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