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A simpler way to schedule appointments

Use Waitwhile as your appointment booking service and save both your customers and your employees time and frustration by making it easy for guests to make updates to their existing reservations.

Customers will be automatically reminded that their service is coming up on the day of their appointment.

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Set your own business hours

Automate the days and times when guests can schedule appointments by pre-selecting your working hours, minimum cancellation notice times, maximum number of appointments per time slot, and more.

Improve customer punctuality

Choose how far in advance to remind guests their turn or appointment is coming up. You’ll be able to remind them with an SMS, email or both. Customize your message and remind them of any other important information prior to their appointment.

Have fewer no-shows

Free up your employees’ time and avoid customers not showing up to their appointments by keeping an open and pain-free line of communication. If plans change, customers will be able to easily cancel or reschedule their appointment with a text.

Seamlessly combine appointments with our virtual waitlist

If it makes sense for your business, you’ll be able to seamlessly add guests who’ve made an appointment to your virtual waitlist the day of their service.They’ll be notified via SMS, email, or both when it’s their turn to come in.

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