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Virtual waitlists without the wait

Revamp your customer flow with hassle-free virtual queues, intelligent wait times, and automated queue management. Set up a virtual waitlist in minutes.

End-to-end customer flow management built for:


Get rid of lines. Make customers happy.


Waitlist management has neverbeen this easy


Better tech, happier staff


Ready to go in a matter of minutes

Set up a waitlist in no time. Waitwhile is cloud-based so there’s no download required. Use any device.


More meaningful face time with customers

Repetitive tasks like notifications and updates run on autopilot. Flexible dashboards put staff in control so they never miss a beat.


Turn your waitlist on and off

Use your waitlist only when you need it. With automatic capacity management, Waitwhile prompts customers to wait in a virtual line when you’re full.

Waitlists for any type of business

Waitwhile powers end-to-end customer flows for thousands of companies across virtually every industry around the world.

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