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Wait in line without the wait

People spend 1 Trillion hours every year waiting in lines.

That’s an incredible amount of human potential to unlock — and Waitwhile is the key.

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Waitlist app for
everyone: A new way to (not) wait in line

Whether your business is first come first served, appointment-only or both, Waitwhile lets you create the customer experience of the future.

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A simpler way to book appointments

Use Waitwhile as your appointment booking service and save both your customers and your employees time and frustration by making it easy for guests to make updates to their existing reservations.

Customers will be automatically reminded that their service is coming up on the day of their appointment.

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Customer insights

Hold on to customer data and keep the conversation going

Whether you want to keep customers updated about offers and promotions or just want to provide great service by remembering preferences and past purchases, Waitwhile stores the customer data you choose for easy reference.

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Automate your
customer workflows

Waitwhile makes it possible to automate how you manage your operations to save you time and money.

Guest messaging

Always keep an open line of customer communication

Make your customers feel like VIPs by talking to them before and after their visit.

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Analytics that don’t require an expert to decode

Make your business run like a dream by uncovering the cause of snags and delays with our easy-to-understand analytics.

You’ll be able to see when business is busiest, which employees and services are most in-demand, and more.

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