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Hold on to customer data and keep the conversation going

Whether you want to keep customers updated about offers and promotions or just want to provide great service by remembering preferences and past purchases, Waitwhile stores the customer data you choose for easy reference.

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Be the host with the most

Know the services and staff members guests prefer, their past wait times, the text conversations you’ve had with them, and more.

Stay in touch

Choose which information to collect so that you can keep communicating with your customers via email or text after their visit. Your data will be yours and yours alone.

Open up new marketing opportunities

Use the customer information you collect to keep your business top of mind. Create email campaigns and send SMS notifications to existing customers when you’re having a promotion or introducing a new product or service.

Know your data is secure

We never share, sell, or use the customer information or analytics that you collect with Waitwhile. Your data is yours alone. We also make sure there is full transparency on the customer end so your guests always know exactly how their data is being used as well as how to opt out.

Waitwhile enforces strict data security settings that can be adapted to match your company’s privacy policy.

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