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Analytics you will actually use

Waitwhile gives you incredible insights on how to improve your wait times and customer experience.
Crush your wait times
Find the problems in your current system and streamline them with ours.

Get statistics about your business that matter

See when your business is the busiest, what your most popular services are, and who is helping keep your wait times low.

Watch Waitwhile learn

The more you use the Waitwhile system, the more it learns about how you do business providing information that can help you make your waiting process even better.

Learn more about each customer
See every point of their customer experience with a simple click.

Know all the details about every customer

Waitwhile stores your customers information for easy reference just like a mini CRM.

See everything about every visit

Know how long your customers have waited in the past, all of your previous text conversations, what services they do when they visit you, and much more!

Multiple locations? No problem!
We make it easy to see everything about ALL of your locations.

Easy navigation from location to location

Waitwhile’s Dashboard makes it easy to see information about the day, week, month, or year - regardless of which ‘location’ you need to see.

See everything about every list

See trends for each location over short or long periods of time, giving you the information you need to take your business to the next level.

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