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Operational analytics that don’t require an expert to decode

Make your business run like a dream by uncovering the causes of snags and delays with easy-to-understand operational analytics.

End-to-end customer flow management built for:


Analytics for any number of locations


Empower teams with real-time data


Keep your finger on the pulse

Monitor customer flow at the moment. See how different locations compare, how many guests are waiting, current wait times, upcoming appointments, and other key operational metrics.


Reduce wait times automatically

Waitwhile uses machine learning to understand your customer flows and automatically makes the wait shorter for everyone. Choose between models that use your own data or integrate data from thousands of businesses similar to yours.


More meaningful customer interactions

Make both staff and customers happier with better business operations. With things like queue management, scheduling, and 2-way messaging running smoothly, nothing stands in the way of delivering excellent customer service.

Operational analytics for any type of business

Waitwhile powers end-to-end customer flows for thousands of companies across virtually every industry around the world.

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