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Appointment scheduling and waitlist app for veterinary hospitals

Improve patient flow and satisfaction by letting pet parents schedule appointments online, wait from anywhere, and get notified when it’s their turn.

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With Waitwhile, businesses have saved 100 million customers more than 10,000 years of waiting in line...
...and counting

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Make waiting for the vet
easier on the pet

Make it easy for patients to wait from anywhere

Instead of stressing pets out in a crowded lobby, owners can check in from home via your website, or from a tablet or QR code in your lobby without needing to wait for a staff member. Handle walk-ins and appointments together with ease.

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Decrease the number of patients in your lobby

Let pet owners take patients for a walk around the block or wait in the comfort of their cars instead of in a crowded lobby. They’ll get a text to let them know when it’s their turn.

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Better communication, happier clients

Your staff will be able to use 2-way messaging to keep pet owners in the loop before, during, and after their appointment. Get important paperwork filled out in advance, thank clients for coming in, or request a review to build your reputation.

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Merge vet clinic appointments and walk-ins into one queue

Help staff get a more accurate picture of their day – even as it changes. Waitwhile’s powerful queue management system automatically syncs all appointment types into one stream in real time, while delivering accurate, AI-powered wait times.

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Optimize vet clinic operations and improve client satisfaction

Learn about your clinic’s average wait times and see patterns such as which days are busiest, and which staff have the most patients. Use easy-to-understand analytics to improve operations and run more efficiently.

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Works with the other apps your clinic uses

Waitwhile lets you connect your waitlist with your CRM, POS, Calendar, Ticket Manager, Slack channel, Website, App... you name it.

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“Hemos salvado a más de 3 millones de clientes en cola a través de Waitwhile más de 140.000 días de espera en la cola. Ha sido impecable”.

Cliff Stefanuk

Propietario de producto, Best Buy

El 95 % de los comentarios de los usuarios sobre nuestra aplicación de pedidos se debe a lo fácil que es usarla. Se le ha llamado magia. Y eso es gracias a Waitwhile.

Kevin Yim

Vicepresidente de marketing y comunicaciones, Zippy's


“Esperar a los miembros de la familia durante la cirugía puede ser estresante. A nuestros equipos les encanta Waitwhile porque aporta empatía a un proceso difícil”.

Andrew Turczak

Director general, Hartford HealthCare

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