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Case Study

Waitwhile powers Cleveland-based, family-run Sgro’s Barbershop with intuitive appointment scheduling



Sgro’s Barbershop


Cleveland, OH





When the COVID-19 pandemic forced Shaker Heights institution Sgro’s Barbershop to rethink a 55-year old operating model, Waitwhile helped the business thrive while delighting customers.

Run by fourth-generation barber Trish Sgro, Sgro’s Barbershop has been family-owned and operated since 1964, when it was opened by Trish’s father, Joe Sgro.

Offering traditional barbershop services like haircuts, razor cuts, and beard trims, Sgro’s had catered exclusively to walk-in customers since the ‘60s. First forced by local mandates to move to an appointment-only model in 2020, Sgro’s now serves almost all of its customers through bookings alone because Waitwhile has been such a hit.


Appointments booked in 2021


hour setup

The Challenge

After the pandemic forced Sgro’s to close its doors for two months in 2020, the business had just 7 days to integrate reopening protocols set by the governor’s office and the Ohio State Cosmetology and Barber Board.

No longer allowed to accept walk-in customers, Sgro’s Barbershop needed to find an appointment scheduling solution that was simple to implement and easy for customers of all ages to use.

Current Sgro’s Barbershop owner Trish Sgro with her father, Joe Sgro, who opened the shop in 1964.

The Solution

Sgro’s Barbershop owner Trish Sgro knew she didn’t have the staff or the time to field calls from customers asking for appointments all day long, so she “scoured Google” to find an intuitive appointment scheduling tool. When she found Waitwhile, she was immediately drawn to its simplicity.

“It took us maybe an hour to set up,” Trish said. After a quick pilot run with friends and family members, Trish trained her staff and set Sgro’s Waitwhile booking URL live, posting it to the business’s website. To get ready for reopening, Sgro’s announced its new appointment system on Facebook, Instagram, and through an email to existing customers. Immediately, customers started scheduling appointments through Waitwhile, which automatically managed the staff’s calendars.

Waitwhile not only allowed Sgro’s Barbershop to open its doors again safely, but it also elevated the customer experience. Customers can now book, cancel, or reschedule appointments on their own, and Waitwhile features enable Sgro’s to delight customers at every point in their journey.

With Waitwhile, Sgro’s Barbershop customers can search for and book appointments on any device.

Products used

Appointment Scheduling

Allow customers to book services and automate appointment management.

Customer Communication

Keep an open line of communication and send customers updates through SMS or email.

Customer List & Notes

Manage all your customer data in one place and never forget a preference.

Operational Analytics

Optimize operations by seeing when you’re busiest and which services or employees are most in-demand.

The Result

Even after pandemic-related protocols were lifted, Sgro’s Barbershop chose to remain an appointment-only business. Sgro’s owner Trish Sgro had expected resistance to the change, but has instead found that customers and staff alike love the amount of control they now have. Waitwhile allows staff to easily set their schedules, gives customers flexibility, and eliminates wait times.

Plus, Sgro’s Barbershop has also been able to widen its appeal , attracting new customers from area salons who crave a traditional barbershop experience, but don’t want to sit and wait their turn. Trish Sgro also credits Waitwhile with increasing Sgro’s “cool factor rating” among technology-driven generations.

Today, Sgro’s centralizes all operations in Waitwhile, including appointment scheduling, customer communication, data collection, and operational analytics. Waitwhile plays an essential role in every part of the business:

“Waitwhile gives me peace of mind – from the financial, to the managing of the business, to the customer service. What more can you ask for?”

Trish Sgro
Owner, Sgro’s Barbershop

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