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Team access, Branding and Email Alerts

New Waitwhile improvements are now out!


Christoffer Klemming

Mon Jan 11 2016 • 2 min read

2016 is upon us and with it comes a slew of improvements for Waitwhile. In particular there are four features you've asked for that we've finally brought you:

  1. Multi-admin access
  2. Add logo and change color theme
  3. Edit customers and see visit history
  4. Email alerts

Here's a quick run down of each feature.

1. Share access with your co-workers

You can now invite multiple administrators to manage your Waitwhile waitlists. Each gets their own login so you don't need to share credentials.

Simply go to your Accounts - Managers page and click "Invite Manager" to get started.

Multiple managers

2. Customize your public waitlist

Make your Waitwhile waitlist feel like your own with your brand identity and colors. You can now add your logo and change the color theme. In the future we will add more styling options too.

Change color theme

Our awesome user High End Barbershop have used this to customize their waitlist with white colors and their logo:
High End Barbershop customized

3. Edit customers and see visit history

You can now edit customers in your waitlist and under the Customers page. Simply click on a name to bring up the customer panel.
Customer Edit

In the bottom you can see all the customer's visits to your place.

4. Send email alerts

You hopefully already love the flexible SMS notifications that your waitlisted customers receive. You can now also send them email notifications.

Just enable "Email" under your Waitlist settings and whenever someone is added with an email to your waitlist, they receive an email confirmation that they've been added.

Email notifications

Hope you like these new improvements! They are all based on the feedback we've gotten from our customers, so keep sending it along!

As always, don't hesitate to get in touch with us on for questions or comment below!

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