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Automate your customer interactions and workflows

Waitwhile makes it possible to automate how you manage your operations to save you time and money.

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Communicate effortlessly

All guests and customers will automatically receive a confirmation SMS or email with details about their visit and a link to track their place in line before they come. Guests will also be automatically notified when it’s their turn.

Set up working hours and cancellation policies

Determine your working hours, minimum cancellation notice requirements, maximum number of appointments, and inform your customers about all of it. Waitwhile will automatically track and work around them.

Seamless guest and customer check-in

All guests receive a unique QR code when they register. When they arrive at your business, simply scan their QR code to check them in. Blip, done!

Automatically thank customers for visiting

You can automate personalized thank you messages after guest visits along with a request for feedback. Use this feedback to make improvements and catch unhappy customers - before they post a negative review online.

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