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Introducing Multi-Waitlists and Conversations

New helpful Waitwhile features are now live!


Christoffer Klemming

Mon Apr 11 2016 • 2 min read

Introducing Multi-Waitlists and Conversations

Waitwhile just got a little smarter. Now you can manage multiple waitlists in your account and easily switch between them. Moreover, you can have two-way SMS conversations with your guests.

Let's explain how it works.

Multi Waitlists

Having multiple waitlists is super helpful if you want to keep different waitlists for different occasions. Let's say you have a chain of restaurants with their own waitlists but want to keep one account for all. Or if you run events, and want to create a unique waitlist for each one.

Adding another waitlist is simple! Just click on the little down-arrow next to your Business name up in the navigation and click "Add Waitlist". That takes you to your Waitlist Manager, here you will see an overview of all your waitlists. Just click the "Add new waitlist" button and enter some details to create one.

It will copy all the settings from your existing waitlist to get you quickly setup and then you can customize it just like normal under the Settings page.

Once added, you can quickly toggle between your waitlists in the same dropdown. Here's a quick demonstration of how to add a new list and toggle between them!
demo of adding new waitlist
There is no limit to how many waitlists you can create and it's totally free.

Two-way Conversations

Did you ever want to let your waiting guests respond to your texts and you can chat back, straight from your waitlist? Well, now you can!

When you have added a guest with a phone number, there is a new "Conversations" button next to them. That let's you see the full SMS conversation. If your guests responds to one of your texts, you will see that you have a waiting message. You can then respond with a custom message directly from the dialog!

To see this in action, check out the below quick demonstration:
demo of two-way conversations with guest

As a default, Waitwhile let's you send 4 custom texts per guests. If you want to get more, just email us on hello@waitwhile.com.

Have Feedback?

We really, really care about making Waitwhile work for you and build the functionality that you need. Never hesitate to drop me an email on christoffer@waitwhile.com for questions or feedback!

Happy waitlisting!
Chris & the Waitwhile team

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