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What's new on the Waitwhile platform in May ✨

Over the coming months, we'll be upgrading the Waitwhile interface in the spirit of simplicity and delightfulness. Today, we're releasing the first few changes.


Christoffer Klemming

Mon May 24 2021 • 3 min read

What's new on the Waitwhile platform in May ✨

Scan guest QR Codes to expedite the Serving Process ⚡

Each guest added to your waitlist or schedules a booking will now get a unique QR code on their Confirmation page.

Simply ask your customer to have their QR code ready upon arrival and scan it on your phone. This will automatically pull up the guest's details so that you can confirm their information and serve them in a flash!

You can now deactivate unused Locations and Waitlists 🛑

Waitwhile lets you create as many Locations as you'd like in your account. Each location has it's own unique waitlist and appointments calendar - and can be customized separately from your other locations.

As of today, you can now Deactivate any location you no longer need. This is great when you have locations you no longer use, but prefer to not remove altogether. For example, you might want use the location again in the future or keep its customer data & analytics.

Manage your locations under the Dashboard page

Use variables for your Public pages 📋

Instead of having to spell out the Business Name for each location to show on your Public pages, we now support using variables instead:

For example, using the the {business} variable will show the full business name on your Public pages like this:

Update your public pages with variables under Self Check-in Settings

Waitwhile now supports Chinese 🇨‍🇳 Korean 🇰‍🇷 Thai 🇹‍🇭 Arabic 🇸‍🇩

We’re now supporting 20 languages in Waitwhile and the latest additions are Chinese, Korean and Thai. You can choose if you want the interface language or just the customer-facing public pages to be translated.

Waitwhile language and region settings graphic

Update your language settings under Localization Settings > Language & Region

Case studies with Best Buy and ModernMD published 🎉

Best Buy and Modern MD logos

We’re immensely proud of the many thousands of companies that trust Waitwhile to improve their lines and create better customer experiences!

This month, our friends at Best Buy and ModernMD are sharing how they’re using Waitwhile to improve their customer experiences.

🛍 Best Buy has crushed lines for over 5M customers with Waitwhile

Learn how Best Buy use Waitwhile across 170 locations to improve their lines and create delightful shopper experiences.

Read case study

🏥 ModernMD delivers urgent care without the stuffy waiting rooms

ModernMD uses Waitwhile to provide an excellent experience for their urgent care patients

Read case study

A Few More Things

  • More control over your Customer input fields: You can now choose if your input fields only show for a certain service or what the customer is allowed to register to join your waitlist. See how.
  • Easier to flag and un-flag naughty customers: We’ve made it easier to flag customers and control who is allowed to join your business. See how.
  • Better design for your Public Locations page: It’s now easier for customers to pick which of your location to join if you have many locations in your account. See how.
  • Plus 50+ minor tweaks: Checking bugs off our list so you can check guests off yours.

And that’s just a glimpse of what’s new — check out all the latest updates! As always, feel free to reply with improvement ideas you’d like to see!

Stay safe,
Chris & the Waitwhile team

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