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 on the Waitwhile platform in February
product updates

What’s new
 on the Waitwhile platform in February

The latest updates in our quest to save you time and simplify your waitlist and scheduling tasks.


Christoffer Klemming

Fri Feb 11 2022 • 3 min read

What’s new
 on the Waitwhile platform in February
COMING SOON: Shiny new Settings interface
While Waitwhile has continued to improve over the years, many of you have noticed that our “Settings'' haven't kept up with the times. We’ve heard your feedback and we’re excited for you to see what we’ve been working on!

🎉 Going live on Mar 1, we’ll be launching a streamlined version of our old “Settings” pages 🎉 

Check out this preview:
New Settings
Don’t worry, your new and improved settings will still allow for all the same functionalities as before, the layout will just be cleaner and more intuitive. Plus, there are some exciting new updates.

Have questions about this change? We’re here to support you as you get used to the new Settings. Please reach out at any time with questions or visit help.waitwhile.com (updated articles launching 3/1).
Learn more about your new Settings✨
Introducing our Printable Waitlist
Waitwhile lets your customers wait from anywhere using their smart device. But change can be hard – and we get it. Prefer pen and paper? We've diversified our product offering just for you. Now you can design, customize, and print a Waitwhile waitlist for free. 
Printable Waitlist
Customize and print your waitlist
More metrics and insights for Locations
Your locations are an important part of your public profile, allowing your customers flexibility and convenience. With more robust metrics and insights per location under the Locations Overview, you'll more easily be able to gain important knowledge about how your customers are interacting with your different locations. 
Location metrics
Learn more about your Locations
Messages page improvements

Your new Messages inbox is a great place to view all your customer messages in one place. At a glance, you can easily see how many messages are unread by your staff in the left-hand Unread Counter. If you’ve received a lot of messages and you want to reset your Unread Counter, you can now mark all the messages as “read” with a click of a button!

Message center
You now also have the option to toggle between "Incoming," "Outgoing," and "All" so you can more successfully communicate with your customers. Effective communication can set your business apart from the competition, and we're committed to continuously improving so you can too.
Manage your Messages

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More time options to sync your Bookings with your Waitlist
We've added more options for how early you want your bookings to show up in your waitlist. For example, you can set it to sync 2 hours before the booking time so that a booking at 2pm will show up in the waitlist at noon. Or set it to dynamically show up in the waitlist based on the current wait time. Choice is yours!
Sync Bookings and Waitlist
Get in sync with your new capabilities
But wait, there’s more!
  • Multi-selecting guests now include option to "Remove" selected guests: Previously when selecting multiple guests at once, we only allowed you to "Serve" or "No-show". To give your team increased flexibility we've now added the option to "Remove" the selected guests. Learn more
  • 30+ minor tweaks: Checking bugs and tweaks off our list so you can check customers off yours!

And that’s just a glimpse of what’s new — check out all the latest updates! As always, feel free to reply with improvement ideas you’d like to see next!

Stay safe,
Chris & the Waitwhile team

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