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 on the Waitwhile platform in April
product updates

What’s new
 on the Waitwhile platform in April

The latest updates in our quest to save you time and simplify your waitlist and scheduling tasks.


Christoffer Klemming

Fri Apr 01 2022 • 4 min read

What’s new
 on the Waitwhile platform in April
✨ Your public-facing Waitwhile links have improved
Your public-facing Waitwhile links are now shorter and simpler 🎉  

For example, instead of: app.waitwhile.com/welcome/waitwhile-demo, your URL will be: waitwhile.com/welcome/waitwhile-demo moving forward. In other words, we’ve dropped the “app.” in the URL. Bonus: You should also notice some performance improvements from this change.
New URLs
Chat with support at support@waitwhile.com if you encounter any issues or have any questions.
New Message Settings: “Preview” SMS and Email alerts
Want to make sure your SMS and email messages are in tip top shape for your customers? You can now test out all of your customer-facing communication with our new "Preview" functionality.
Preview your messages 😍
Manage your Saved Replies 💬
Do you find your guests asking the same questions consistently? It's important that your customer-facing communications be quick and efficient - and our "Saved Replies" feature is a huge help.

Saved Replies helps you speed up your response times and get your customers help faster by prewriting and using saved responses for your most commonly asked questions. These saved responses will appear and can be used in the chat module when communicating with your guests. 
Saved Replies
Learn more about Saved Replies
User Roles & Permissions 🔒

We've added powerful features for your Waitwhile Users to control what your employees can access and do in Waitwhile. 

Roles and Permissions
Under the new User Roles Settings you can create and modify User Roles in your Waitwhile Account, giving the right amount of access to the right employees. You can even create your own Custom Roles* to specify exactly what your users should be allowed to do.
Learn more about all things Roles and Permissions
* Note: Custom Roles is restricted to the Business and Enterprise plans

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Manage your Team Notifications with new settings 🔔
It's not just customers that can get messages with Waitwhile, now your employees can get them too! Waitwhile allows you to manage the SMS, Email, and Push notifications that are sent to your team based on customers' activity and where they are in the waiting process. 

Under the new Team Notification settings you can manage the notification message templates that your team receives. With powerful personalization capabilities and rich HTML editing, you can make them as useful as possible for your team.
Team Notifications
Notify your team
But wait, there’s more!
  • New “Customer Export” features: In addition to the current ability to export all visits or unique Customers from each of your locations, you'll now be able to choose which type of visits to export, export in multiple file formats (CSV, JSON, whatever you need), and export future bookings. Learn more
  • Saved Replies for multi-guest messaging: You can now use your Saved Replies for multi-guest messaging. This functionality is great when sending mass messages to many customers at once. Learn more
  • Hide OR show QR code on Status Page: Don't want to display your QR code on your Status Page? We've implemented a new setting to give you the option of what you show your guests when they join the Waitlist or make a Booking. Learn more
  • Customize your Location card content: Up to now you've only been able to include your location name on your "location cards" without the option to include additional text and information. Moving forward you'll have the ability to include any content you want. Learn more
  • 30+ minor tweaks: Checking bugs and tweaks off our list so you can check customers off yours!

And that’s just a glimpse of what’s new — check out all the latest updates! As always, feel free to reply with improvement ideas you’d like to see next!

Stay safe,
Chris & the Waitwhile team

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