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Waitlist App For Barbershops馃拡- Top 5 Reasons Why You Need It

Busy day making your clients look amazing? Barbershop app helps free up your hands from taking reservations, and empower you with more free time, less walkouts, and happier customers.


Shelley Lewis

Wed Feb 13 2019 鈥 3 min read

Waitlist App For Barbershops馃拡- Top 5 Reasons Why You Need It

With waitlist app, you can quickly add walk-ins to the waitlist and see how long they have been waiting at a glance. With a tap of a button, your stylists can send text notifications to alert guests that you're ready for them, giving your customers the freedom to run errands while they wait. That鈥檚 just the beginning. Check out these five reasons to use Waitwhile鈥檚 waiting list app at your Barbershop!


#1 Appointment & Walk-In Management 馃搮

Throw out that paper barber shop sign in sheet and free up time to focus on what matters most: your clients. With our waitlist management app, there is no need to have separate calendars for walk-ins and appointment; we make it easy to do both. Your clients can as far as they want in the hours you set for available appointments.
Only take 鈥榳alk-ins鈥? No problem. Your appointment and walk-in clients flow seamless together on your waitlist, and are all easily managed from one screen.

#2 Appointment Reminders via SMS Text and Email 馃挰

鈥楴o Shows鈥 can ruin your day. Not only does your business lose money, but it loses the opportunity to allow someone else to take the spot. Waitwhile waitlist app helps stop the 鈥楴o Show鈥 before it happens with interactive SMS Messages and Email notifications throughout the waitlist process. With our barber shop sign in sheet, not only will your clients know exactly when their appointments are, but they are reminded when their turn is coming up. In addition, Waitwhile SMS 鈥榳ord triggers鈥 offer text options to allow your clients the opportunity to cancel and reschedule their appointments, saving you and your business valuable time and money.

#3 Unlimited Users - Unlimited Analytics 馃搳

Whether you only have one person working at a time, or an army of Barbers trimming beards, Waitwhile鈥檚 unlimited Users allows you to invite as many stylists to your team as needed. Stylists can log in to their own version of online wait list and 鈥榮erve鈥 clients from the waitlist with their own portable device (tablet, phone, etc.). At any time, shop owners can check statistics to see who their staff is currently serving, look over reports for the day, see how many clients each stylist served, how much money they made in services, and even track how long it takes them to perform each cut.

We know some people simply don鈥檛 want another app on their phone. That鈥檚 why we don鈥檛 make your clients download anything to be able to reserve a spot in line. All of our waitlists can be viewed via a normal url link, making it easy for your client to get in line anywhere internet connection is available! Add the link to your waitlist in the navigation bar of your website, plug it in an email newsletter, add social media pages, or display it on a tablet in your lobby. With your personal waitlist URL link, our wait list management software gives your clients the ability to join the line whenever or wherever they want.

#5 Current Wait Times are Always Available

Let鈥檚 face it: No one likes to wait, and nothing is more irritating than getting on a waitlist without knowing how long you鈥檙e going to be there. Give your clients back some of their valuable time and make their wait worthwhile with an accurate wait time. Their personal wait time is based on all upcoming appointments in your system, which staff members are working, and the current number of waiting clients, then Waitwhile texts them to let them know exactly how long the wait is going to be. A personalized link is generate for each customer, giving them the freedom to check how long they have at any moment, freeing them up to go do something else while they wait.

If you still think you aren't ready to switch to digital yet, we get it. Try out our free printable waitlist tool to get a sense of the Waitwhile difference first!

Sign up for your FREE Waitwhile account and try us with 100 check ins per month FREE. No credit card required!

Happy waitlisting!

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