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How a Waitlist App Can Turn Waiting Into a Quality Time 🧚‍♀️

Deploy a virtual queuing system with a waitlist app to give customers back their valuable time, turning frustrated guests into happy customers.


Shelley Lewis

Mon May 06 2019 • 2 min read

How a Waitlist App Can Turn Waiting Into a Quality Time 🧚‍♀️

Are your customers tired of waiting? Are you losing business because your wait times are too long or your lobbies are too packed? Are your customers frustrated before they even get the chance to experience the amazing service your business has to offer? Deploy an online queue system with a waitlist app to give your customers back their valuable time, turning formerly frustrated guests into happy customer experiences.

Do Waitlist Apps Reduce Wait Times? 🚀

The issue isn’t waiting for things; we all know that everything can’t happen instantaneously and exactly when we want it. The problem with waiting for customers is that we never know how long it’s going to be and for businesses, it’s possible quoting the wrong ‘wait time’ to guests. This leaves everyone frustrated. So, do waitlist apps shorten wait times? The short answer is ‘no’ - but it ‘feels like less time’ for your customers because you are giving them the opportunity to do something else while they wait. This empowers your guests to make the most of every moment of their free time; 30 minutes before their stylist can see them? For your guests, those 30 mins could be the perfect opportunity to stop by the grocery store and pick up something for dinner. 25 minute wait at the big event at the university? That could be just enough time to give your guests a chance to look over tomorrow’s ‘pop quiz’ questions in a quick study session.

Happy Customers Know the Wait Time Before They Arrive ⏰

Smart virtual queue apps are designed to be displayed in the places your business needs it most. Having a page on your website, in your own business app, linked to on your social media pages, or shared via email campaign are great ways to provide your customers with a way to find out the wait at your business before they even step foot in the door. This helps your customers plan their interactions with your establishments around when it’s good for their schedule and conducive to your wait times.

Happy Customers Can Check Themselves In 🙋‍

Using a smart virtual queue app allows you to make it easy for your guests to join the line whenever and whereever is good for them. Add a tab to your website's menu or mount a kiosk in your lobby with a virtual ‘check-in’ page. Smart virtual queue apps can be customized to collects all of the information that you need to do business with your customers, and collects it on a simple ‘easy to follow menu’. This allows your guests to check-in and join the line without being bombarded with questions and frees up your employees to do other things instead of taking down customer information for the line. Ultimately, this results in a stress-free experience for your customers and better overall service for them when it’s their turn in line.

Happy Customers Can See the Waiting List 📺

We’ve all seen it - the TV in the lobby of a big busy government organization that displays the list of whos waiting to be seen that updates in real time. Displaying the wait time and the list of whos waiting makes it easy for your guests to see where they are in the waiting process, giving them an idea of how much longer the experience is going to take. Don’t judge stop at a display in your lobby, though - choose a smart virtual queue app that makes it easy for your guests to find out where they are with a link in a text or email that shows them this information as well, giving them an idea of where they are personally in the line, even after they’ve checked in.

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