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Analytics that don’trequire an expert to decode

Make your business run like a dream by uncovering the cause of snags and delays with our easy-to-understand analytics.

You’ll be able to see when business is busiest, which employees and services are most in-demand, and more.

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Empower your team with real-time info

Monitor your lines and waitlist data in real-time. See how different locations compare, the number of guests waiting, current wait times, upcoming appointments, and other metrics that will help to empower your team and streamline how your business operates.

Reduce your wait times automatically

Waitwhile uses machine learning to understand your business and then proposes ways to streamline operations. The longer you use it, the more fine-tuned its recommendations become.

Choose how to segment and view your data

See business trends sorted by location, time period, employee, or service – whatever helps you take your business to the next level.

Easily export and share performance reports

Measure and share how business is doing with just a few clicks, then use the data to keep track of KPIs and judge the effectiveness of campaigns and company actions.

  • Export performance reports to Excel and CSV
  • Choose team and location-specific reports
  • Use our API integration to feed the data into your CRM/BI system

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