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product updates

What's new on the Waitwhile platform in July ✨

See the product updates for Waitwhile that we shipped this month.


Christoffer Klemming

Tue Jul 13 2021 • 4 min read

What's new on the Waitwhile platform in July ✨

Here are the latest updates in our quest to make Waitwhile the best possible waitlist and scheduling platform.

Waitwhile is now available on Mac OS and Windows 🖥️

Our goal for this year is to bring Waitwhile to every device and platform for the best possible native experience.

This month we’re proud to share that you can download Waitwhile to Windows and Mac OS, with our iOS and Android version coming in a few months!

Windows and Mac OS logos with Waitwhile availability message

Waitwhile is now SOC 2 and HIPAA certified 🔒

We take security and privacy extremely seriously at Waitwhile. To demonstrate our ability to meet the highest levels of security, we have completed our SOC 2 which is an industry standard certification and audit.


✅SOC 2 audit completed by industry-leading auditor BARR Advisory

✅Penetration testing completed by leading security firm Doyensec to ensure that the Waitwhile platform can withstand cyber attacks

✅HIPAA certification completed by BARR Advisory to affirm how we manage health data

SOC2 Certification elements graph

Contact our security team if your organization would like to access our SOC2, HIPAA or Penetration test reports!

Improved product interface 🎨

We’re constantly tweaking the product interface to make it more delightful and user-friendly. This month we’ve updated with:

  • Simplified layout and waitlist design
  • New location overview menu
  • New mobile navigation menu to quickly jump between the views
Waitwhile waitlist app screenshot of improved waitlist layout and design

See what has changed in the new interface

New Customer Info settings page ⚙️

You can now manage what information you want to collect about your customers in a brand new Customer Info settings section.

Here you can add new fields/questions to your waitlist or appointment registration flow and also customize your existing ones.

Waitwhile waitlist app screenshot of customer info settings section

Check out the new Customer Info settings

Send many reminders for your appointments 🔔🔔

Who doesn't need a little extra reminder sometimes? We know how important it is that your customers remember to show up for their appointment and now you can add a second SMS or Email reminder.

One popular set up is to send the first reminder 24 hours before and the second reminder 1 hour before, but you can schedule it anyway you’d like!

Waitwhile waitlist app screenshot of booking reminder copy and timing setup

Add another reminder under Booking Alert settings

Control who can register to your waitlist or bookings 👤

We’ve added more ways to control which customers are allowed to schedule bookings or join your waitlist. In addition to restricting your hours and capacity, you can now set so that only “invited” customers are allowed to register.

This is great if you have an exclusive VIP event or have a waitlist where it’s important that only the right people join. You can turn this on under the “Rules” settings for your Waitlist and Bookings.

Waitwhile waitlist app screenshot of waitlist rules and Only allow knows Customers to join feature

Learn how to restrict to only invited customers

Case studies with Louis Vuitton & Hartford HealthCare 🎓

We’re immensely proud of the thousands of companies that trust Waitwhile to improve their lines and create better customer experiences!

This month, our friends at Louis Vuitton and Hartford HealthCare are sharing how they’re using Waitwhile to improve their customer experiences.

Louis Vuitton and Hartford HealthCare logos

🛍 Louis Vuitton has improved the client experience for millions of clients with Waitwhile since 2017

Learn how they have been innovating with Waitwhile to deliver exceptional customer experiences globally since 2017 across hundreds of stores.

Read case study

🏥 Hartford HealthCare keeps patients and families informed with Waitwhile

Learn how they use Waitwhile to keep patients and their families that are waiting in stressful situations in the know.

Read case study

But wait, there’s more!

  • Personalize your messages with fallback values: For example, if a customer does not leave a name you can now address them as e.g. “dear valued customer”. Learn more.
  • New “about” page to view details about the Waitwhile app: We’ve released a new About Page where you can view pertinent information about your Waitwhile account. Learn more.
  • Customize design for your Public Locations page: You can now style and add custom messaging for your Public Locations page, which is something many of you have asked for. Learn more.
  • Plus 50+ minor tweaks: Checking bugs off our list so you can check customers off yours.

And that’s just a glimpse of what’s new — check out all the latest updates! As always, feel free to reply with improvement ideas you’d like to see!

Stay safe,

Chris & the Waitwhile team

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