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Make class registration a breeze

Create a faster, easier, and safer registration process for both students and staff. With Waitwhile, students will be able to register for classes and additional services virtually, using their smart device.

Students and staff use Waitwhile’s class registration platform for

Frictionless registration process
Improved daily operations
Effortless communication
Improved safety
Easy-to-interpret data
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Oklahoma State University uses Waitwhile to streamline student services

OSU-OKC used Waitwhile to revamp appointment scheduling and walk-in procedures, achieving a 50% reduction in no-show rate.

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Yale New Haven

Benefits explained

Frictionless registration process

Make it simpler for students to enroll in classes by letting them sign up and make any changes or updates remotely via their smart device.

Improved daily operations

Save time by automating repeatable tasks like class reminders, scheduling changes, and cancellations. Students will be able to make changes to their registration themselves without involving your staff.

Effortless communication

Save time and effort for both students and staff with 2-way messaging. Instructors will be able to send quick reminders, surveys, or class updates and students will be able to ask questions or reschedule their classes.

Improved safety

Keep your school or business safe by getting rid of crowded lobbies and communicating safety requirements quickly and easily via email, text, or push notification.

Easy-to-interpret data

Get at-a-glance insights into which classes, teachers, times of day, and services are most popular and optimize staffing and class offerings accordingly.

Learning is easier when your tools play nice together

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Manage class registration at scale

Secure, reliable, flexible, and functional–across multiple event locations and experiences. Waitwhile meets the needs and requirements of the largest universities and businesses.


Boost loyalty & engagement with actionable data


Track & optimize each location with staff & business analytics


High security platform with little need for IT intervention


Competitive pricing designed to reflect the variability of operations


API access for a fully integrated and tailored solution

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