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The virtual waiting room of the future

Introduce your visitors to a brand new way of waiting with a virtual waiting room that lets them wait from anywhere and do whatever they like. You’ll be able to notify them with a text or an email when it’s their turn.


Businesses rely on Waitwhile’s queue management features to

no-img Let guests join from
no-img Automate workflows
no-img Display wait times
on multiple screens
no-img Save visitors time
no-img Improve wait
time estimation
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Waithwile facilitates safe, streamlined urgent care management for ModernMD

ModernMD uses Waitwhile to reduce crowding in waiting rooms, triage patients, and give visitors flexibility.

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Hartford HealthCare hospitals provide real-time patient care updates to loved ones using Waitwhile

Hartford HealthCare hospitals use Waitwhile as a communication platform to provide surgery updates to concerned family and friends.

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Oklahoma State University uses Waitwhile to streamline student services

OSU-OKC used Waitwhile to revamp appointment scheduling and walk-in procedures, achieving a 99.9% student satisfaction rate.

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Benefits explained

Let guests join from anywhere

Choose when and how you want your visitors to join the line – from home, on their phone, through your website, or in-person using a QR code or self-serve kiosk. Guests will be able to sign up in real-time or schedule a future appointment.

Automate workflows

Get more done with fewer staff. You’ll be able to automate the work associated with managing a waiting room such as checking people in, updating lists, sending reminders, coordinating schedules, and more.

Display wait times on multiple screens

Keep visitors updated on their place in line no matter where they are. Waitwhile lets you display your virtual waiting room’s waitlist and wait times on a TV monitor or any smart device. Guests also get a link where they can track their wait time on their phones.

Save visitors time

Deliver accurate wait estimates so visitors can grab a coffee or take a walk. You can also send messages, ask guests to fill out forms, or complete other tasks that will save them time once their turn is up.

Improve wait time estimation

Wait times are estimated using machine learning. They’re tailored to your unique business, eliminating the chance of human error. If anything changes, estimates are updated in real time and your visitors are automatically notified.

What’s more, Waitwhile will tell you how to reduce your wait times using data-driven recommendations.

How it works

We’ve helped businesses around the world create better waiting experiences for 150 million customers, so we know what works and we make it easy to get started. Plus, you can customize every aspect to make it perfectly tailored to your needs.

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The most effective way to run virtual waiting rooms at scale

Secure, reliable, flexible, and functional–across multiple locations and departments. Waitwhile has a solution for your enterprise needs and requirements.


Boost loyalty & engagement with actionable data


Track & optimize each location with staff & business analytics


High security platform with little need for IT intervention


Competitive pricing designed to reflect the variability of operations


API access for a fully integrated and tailored solution

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