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Holiday product updates!

As things calm down for the holidays, we'd thought we’d share some new stuff from Waitwhile that we’ve been brewing over the past few weeks that your business can immediately put into use!


Christoffer Klemming

Mon Dec 26 2016 • 2 min read

Holiday product updates!

1. Staff Alerts

It’s easy to miss when a customers signs up through your Check-In, but now you can automatically send yourself a text or email to alert you whenever someone does!

Just head to your SMS Settings or Email Settings to turn it on.

Staff alerts

2. Add dates, numbers and checkboxes

Now you can add new kind of extra options to your waitlist to capture calendar dates (for e.g. appointments) and check-boxes (for e.g. newsletter email capture) to make your waitlist even more flexible.

Custom options

To turn it on, just go to “Add more options” under the Waitlist settings section to get started.

3. SMS delivery

We now support local sending numbers in US, UK, AU and FR and will let you know if your SMS wasn't successfully delivered. You’ll see this warning if something went wrong:

SMS warning

Typical problems include if the number is a landline, misspelled or blocked. If there’s no error, you can rest assured that the text successfully showed up in your guest’s phone!

4. Sort your waitlist

Want to quickly get a glance of how many parties of 6 are waiting right now? Or just those that are waiting for a certain service or staff member? Just click on the “Display” link and filter your waitlist!

See how it works in action here:
Sort waitlist

5. Opening Hours and Breaks

Waitwhile let’s you add your opening hours and breaks so that your guests can’t add themselves to your waitlist outside of your working hours.

Check-in Closed

To set up your hours, just go to your Business Settings and click on "Edit Opening Hours":

Opening hours

What's next?

We’re going to focus on these 3 things:

  • Teams: Better ability to manage your team/staff, individual work schedules and access by waitlist
  • API: Introduce the Waitwhile API so you can integrate it in your other systems
  • Scheduling: In addition to the waitlist, also accept appointments

Do you think any of these features are a top priority? Email me on christoffer@waitwhile.com and let me know!

Wish you a wonderful New Year!
/Chris & The Waitwhile Team

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