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 on the Waitwhile platform in January
product updates

What’s new
 on the Waitwhile platform in January

The latest updates in our quest to save you time and simplify your waitlist and scheduling tasks.


Christoffer Klemming

Tue Jan 11 2022 • 3 min read

What’s new
 on the Waitwhile platform in January
A new message center that streamlines your customer communications
Responding to texts from your customers is obviously really important for a great customer experience. But it's been tricky in Waitwhile to see when a customer has sent you a text or email.

That's why we've built the Message Center - a single space that makes it faster and easier for your staff to:
  • See the latest messages from customers across your waitlists, bookings and serving views
  • Quickly reply and mark conversations as read
  • View a full history of each customer's conversations and visits
Message center
Open your Message Center
Quick serve mode for checking in visitors with a QR code

If you use Waitwhile to manage crowds, visitor flow and access into your venue, this update is really going to simplify and speed up the process!

When your guests or visitors arrive, simply scan their QR code on the status page or confirmation email on their phone to automatically mark them as served and remove them from the waiting list.

QR to serve

Email support@waitwhile.com to activate this feature for your location!

Improved flexibility for your Booking Calendar
If you have a lot of staff members and resources, you can now choose to see only those that are working and available that day. Choose the "Available resources" in the drop-down to streamline the calendar view for that day.
Booking calendar
You can now also set your preferred start and end hours to show in your booking calendar. This allows your staff to schedule time with customers even outside of your normal business hours.
Booking hours
Find out how this works

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Get a better overview of your waitlist on mobile
We've updated the mobile view of the waitlists to include more information about each guest at a glance.
Mobile waitlist
Learn more
More detailed Analytics metrics
We've added new metrics to your Analytics. It is now showing wait times with a precision down to the seconds to give you the most detailed picture of your customer experience. We have a feeling that your wait times are only going to improve from here on out!
Customize the language settings for your Waitwhile workspace
Users can now change the language settings for their workspace to make working with Waitwhile more intuitive.
Language setting
Start customizing
But wait, there’s more!
  • A more user friendly way to add dates for bookings or waitlists: Whether you're using a custom date field to record date of birth, or verifying the model of a car, we’ve made the process simpler for our customers all over the globe. Learn more
  • Easily verify age as part of the booking and waitlist flow: Have age requirements for bookings or need to verify when something was purchased at a returns desk? This update is going to simplify things for you and your customers! Learn more 
  • 20+ minor tweaks: Checking bugs and tweaks off our list so you can check customers off yours!

And that’s just a glimpse of what’s new — check out all the latest updates! As always, feel free to reply with improvement ideas you’d like to see next!

Stay safe,
Chris & the Waitwhile team

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