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Centex Auto Title uses Waitwhile to speed up DMV services

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Centex Auto Title, a Travis County and Texas DMV authorized service provider founded in July of 2021, needed a way to provide a better customer experience than the local DMV. Independents are permitted to operate in certain counties in Texas and even given equipment to process licenses and registrations by the state-run DMV, but there really isn’t a playbook for how to stand up this type of business. The founders were on their own when it came to figuring out the logistics and solving customer service problems commonly associated with the industry.

With a background in tech, co-founder Riley Spiller wanted to take a customer-first approach. Because most DMVs are notorious for bad customer service and long wait times, Riley knew that having happy customers would be a huge differentiator. Finding the right queue management application was one of the crucial first steps. After exploring options, Centex Auto Title landed on Waitwhile because it was easy and straightforward to use.


avg. monthly customers


of customers are Spanish-speaking


decrease in wait time QoQ

The Challenge

While the state-run DMV takes appointments, the earliest availability can be several months out – too long for most people. Centex Auto Title had to do better. They knew they’d have to figure out how to process more people more quickly.

After scrutinizing the way the local DMV operated, Centex realized that making appointments was actually inefficient because you had to budget for the maximum amount of time each appointment could take, leaving a lot of wasted time in between when people were processed more quickly than their allotted time slot. Another big inefficiency was the fact that people often came unprepared, with either the wrong paperwork filled out or with no paperwork at all. In order to run as efficiently as possible, Centex had to figure out how to solve these two major challenges.

The Solution

While Waitwhile offers appointment scheduling features, the Centex team decided to maximize efficiency and only let customers join a live virtual waitlist. That way, if a customer is processed quickly, the next customer in line can be served right away (rather than waiting for their scheduled appointment time). With a virtual waitlist, customers can get an estimated wait time, regular updates on their status in line, and wait in the comfort of their cars – outside of the brutal Texas heat.

Riley played around with the free version of Waitwhile for a few weeks before implementing it with his employees. Once it was introduced, ”employees had no problem understanding the tool,” he said. “I wanted everyone to adopt it and use it right away and they did. That made me feel like we’d made the right choice.”

Centex Auto Title’s use of Waitwhile quickly expanded after the initial launch and the business began structuring all of its operations around the platform. To make sure customers had the right paperwork, Centex hired a check-in clerk whose job it was to add guests to the waitlist after confirming they had the documents they needed based on the service they wanted. If they didn’t, customers had plenty of time to get their paperwork in order before their turn was up. The 1:1 attention was a nice added personal touch and guests loved it.

By using a virtual waitlist instead of appointment slots like the Travis County DMV, Centex Auto Title is able to account for variable service times and process more people than the state-run DMV. Plus, customers love the flexibility. Instead of standing in a physical line, customers can wait in air-conditioned cars or even run a few errands before it’s their turn – all with the peace of mind that their spot is safe and that they’ll receive regular updates on their status.

Features used


Allow customers to select the service they need, join a virtual waitlist, and be notified when it’s their turn – no matter where they are.

SMS Communication

Communicate with customers via text message and/or email in their preferred language.

Operational Analytics

Make improvements to your business by seeing the most popular times and services, as well as employee-specific metrics.

With Waitwhile, Centex Auto Title customers can see the estimated wait before they join the virtual waitlist.

The Results

Thanks to smart business decisions and unlocked efficiencies with Waitwhile, Centex Auto Title has grown rapidly to surpass the volume of the state-run DMV. “We want to delight our customers.That’s the opposite of what most people think of when they think of a DMV,” said Riley. “We have stellar Google reviews.”

In addition to the waitlist feature, Centex relies heavily on Waitwhile operational analytics. Using the platform’s dashboard, Riley and his co-owner can quickly assess the health of the business on a daily basis – even when they’re not onsite. They can see the number of customers processed, average wait times, service time broken down by employee, and more.

Centex keeps a close eye on how their business operates, but they’re also always looking for ways to serve their customers even better. With help from Waitwhile analytics, they’ve been able to determine that 30% of their customers are Spanish-language speakers and were able to hire additional Spanish-speaking staff to accommodate them.

Centex Auto Title has been able to use technology to their advantage and pivot quickly after identifying ways to improve with Waitwhile, which has been the secret sauce to their success. Always on the lookout for the next idea, the company has even started talking about putting a taco truck in their parking lot so customers could have something to do while they wait. With their customer-centric approach and the efficiencies Waitwhile has enabled, Centex is able to bring delight to an industry notoriously lacking it.

“We want to delight our customers. That’s the opposite of what most people think of when they think of a DMV.”

Riley Spiller
Co-founder, Centex Auto Title

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