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VR Arles Festival used Waitwhile to successfully manage their lines for 40 000 visitors across 18 immersive VR experiences at the 2019 festival.


The Challenge

A two month virtual reality festival integrated into the Rencontres d’Arles festival - the world's biggest photo festival - annually attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world.

High end virtual reality events like VR Arles Festival struggle with the same problem: to provide every guest with the same innovative top level event experience while having each exhibit available only as an individual attraction.

Visitors of the interactive VR Arles Festival want to immerse themselves in the festival, and event organizers like the VR Arles Festival want their guests to perceive the event as one seamless adventure. With Waitwhile, our goal is to help make a fun experience, empowering their guests with the freedom to spend their waiting time doing fun things at the festival instead of spending all of their time in line.

With Waitwhile waiting lines are shorter and visitors can enjoy the rest of the festival attractions while waiting for their turn!



VR Arles Festival decided to switch to Waitwhile in 2019 to improve customer satisfaction and streamline the waiting experience.

During the VR Arles Festival, every experience is set up as a separate waitlist/queue so visitors can easily track progress and wait times across all at one glance. The waitlist subscription for each experience is made by a Host on a tablet or computer at the reception desk.

While visitors wait, they can enjoy the augmented photo exhibition and standalone attractions in the waiting area.

Then the rotative screen in the waiting area is used to show the audience their wait time.

At the experiences, each Host is using the waitlist app on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet to easily indicate when a visitor is starting or finishing one of the VR experiences.

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Using Waitwhile waitlist app at VR Arles Festival has significantly improved the visitor experience and decrease wait times.

  • Customer satisfaction grew up to 99%
  • Wait times have been reduced by 30%
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Created jointly in 2016 by BNP Paribas, Les Rencontres de la Photographie d’Arles and Fisheye, VR Arles Festival showcases a curated collection of innovating interactive and immersive experiences from all over the world. With a A-top artistic selection, VR Arles attracts thousands of visitors annually. Offices

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