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Virtual waitlist management: a new way to (not) wait in line

Whether your business is first come first served, appointment-only or both, Waitwhile lets you create the customer experience of the future.

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Many ways to join your waitlist

Allow guests to join a virtual line in real-time or make an appointment for a future date, then choose exactly how they sign up:

  • By sending a text message with their name
  • Through your website
  • Via an electronic wait station
  • In person

Give precise wait time estimates

Wait times are estimated using machine learning. They’re tailored to your business’ unique waitlist management needs, eliminating the chance of human error. If anything changes, estimates are updated in real time and your guests are automatically notified.

Get more punctual customers

Choose when to remind guests their turn or appointment is coming up by sending an SMS, email or both. Using the Waitwhile app, you’ll be able to tell them what to bring and any other important information.

Have fewer no-shows

Free up your employees’ time and avoid customers missing their appointments by keeping an open and pain-free line of communication. Customers will get an SMS or email reminder that their appointment is coming up and will be able to easily cancel or reschedule with a text if they can’t make it.

Automatically handle capacity and overflow

Waitwhile’s capacity management features allow you to stay on top of the number of people in your establishment while keeping a tally of who’s entering and exiting. Once max capacity is reached, the app automatically directs customers to wait in a virtual line.

Reduce wait times

See wait times broken down by your staff members, peak hours, or services, then automatically track and get help reducing wait times.

Organize your waitlist

Sort, filter, and prioritize guests that are VIPs, or are waiting for a particular service, staff member, or table. Choose to make changes manually or set up rules and do it automatically.

Display your waitlist anywhere

Waitlist data doesn’t just live in the waitlist app. You’ll be able to make your waitlist appear on the big screen or embed it directly into your website or Facebook page for customers to see.

Waitlist management for multiple locations

Waitwhile’s Dashboard makes it easy to see information about one or multiple locations.

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