Pet grooming app for scheduling and waitlists

Save yourself and your four-legged friends the stress of sitting in the lobby while waiting to get them groomed with Waitwhile, the intelligent waitlist app.

Create a free waitlist for your pet grooming business with SMS notifications in under 3 minutes.

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With Waitwhile, businesses have saved 100 million customers more than 10,000 years of waiting in line...
...and counting

Say hello to a waitlist
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Make it easy for pet parents to join the line from anywhere

Let guests join your virtual waitlist from their smart device whether you have a shop or are on the go. It’s easy and saves pets and pet parents the stress of waiting in a crowded lobby.

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Give pet owners the power to wait wherever they like

Imagine letting pet parents take their furry friend for a walk, grab a cup of coffee, or do anything else they like with their time instead of waiting in the lobby. They’ll be notified via text message when it’s their turn to come in.

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Help your pet groomers get more done

Allow pet groomers to focus on providing an excellent guest experience instead of worrying about managing the waitlist.

With Waitwhile, your busy staff will be able to see and manage appointment bookings and cancellations on any smart device while on the go, allowing them to multitask.

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Streamline walk-ins and appointments into one line

Help your pet groomers see a complete picture of their day in real-time even if it changes. Waitwhile’s powerful booking system automatically syncs appointments booked in advance with those booked at the door to make sure everyone gets checked in fairly.

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Get more positive reviews and repeat business

Use Waitwhile’s 2-way messaging to thank pet parents for their visit or ask them to fill out a quick satisfaction survey. It’s a great way to make quick improvements and get more 5-star reviews.

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Works with the other apps pet groomers use

Waitwhile lets you connect your waitlist with your CRM, POS, Calendar, Ticket Manager, Slack channel, Website, App... you name it.

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"Nous avons sauvé plus de 3 millions de clients mis en file d'attente via Waitwhile plus de 140 000 jours d'attente en ligne. Ça a été sans couture.

Cliff Stefanuk

Propriétaire de produit, Best Buy

95 % des commentaires des utilisateurs sur notre application de commande concernent sa facilité d'utilisation. Cela a été qualifié de magie. Et c'est grâce à Waitwhile.

Kevin Yim

Vice-président marketing et communications, Zippy's


« Attendre les membres de la famille pendant la chirurgie peut être stressant. Nos équipes adorent Waitwhile car il apporte de l'empathie dans un processus difficile. »

Andrew Turczak

Directeur général, Hartford HealthCare

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