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Museum waitlist and queuing system

Whether it be for an interactive VR experience, or a popular art exhibit, save museum visitors from long lines with Waitwhile – the intelligent waitlist app. Create a free waitlist for your business with SMS notifications in under 3 minutes.

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With Waitwhile, businesses have saved 100 million customers more than 10,000 years of waiting in line...
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Make it easy for museum visitors to join the line from anywhere

Say goodbye to unruly crowds. With Waitwhile, your guests will be able to add their name to your waitlist from a tablet in your lobby, their home via your website, a social media post - or by simply sending a text. No app required.

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Book appointments and check in from anywhere

Empower your visitors by allowing them to spend their time however they like (even when they’re waiting in line). Our ‘alert’ features make it easy to keep them informed of their place in line and give them enough time to come back when their turn is coming up.

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Merge museum appointments and walk-ins into one line

Allow your employees to spend less time managing the waitlist and more time focusing on the visitor experience with our powerful waitlist. Waitwhile will automatically sync walk-ins with scheduled appointments, making the wait fair for everyone.

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Optimize your museum operations with wait time and queue data

Learn when the museum is busiest, which exhibits attract the most guests, the average amount of time guests spend at each exhibit, and more.

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Works with the other apps your museum uses

Waitwhile lets you connect your waitlist with your CRM, POS, Calendar, Ticket Manager, Slack channel, Website, App... you name it.

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“We've saved over 3 million customers queued through Waitwhile more than 140,000 days of waiting in line. It's been seamless.”

Cliff Stefanuk

Product Owner, Best Buy

95% of user feedback about our ordering app is how easy it is to use. It has been called magic. And that’s thanks to Waitwhile.

Kevin Yim

VP Marketing & Communications, Zippy’s


“Waiting for family members during surgery can be stressful. Our teams love Waitwhile because it brings empathy into a difficult process.”

Andrew Turczak

Managing Director, Hartford HealthCare

Best in Class

Waitwhile continues to be a customer and editor favorite, scoring top marks from the likes of Capterra, G2, and more.








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