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Supercharge your business with the perfect appointment scheduling app

Eliminate the wait and accelerate operations with Waitwhile, your all-in-one queue management system with virtual waitlists, seamless appointment scheduling, 2-way messaging, clienteling, automation, workforce management, and more.

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Trusted by the world’s leading brands

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One platform to orchestrate any customer flow

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“We’ve saved over 3 million customers more than 140,000 days of waiting in line with Waitwhile. It’s been seamless.”

Cliff Sefanuk

Best Buy Canada

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Waitwhile creates this easy experience that feels so low touch for both our employees and guests”

Derek Kastner


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“Waitwhile has been invaluable for helping us manage lines during peak season and year round.”

Charles Johnson

Louis Vuittion

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“With Waitwhile’s analytics functionality, we have been able to make our agents much more efficient.”

Fadhilah Rahim


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“Waitwhile integrated seamlessly into our daily operations and has helped us deliver a world class experience to nearly 500,000 guests.”

James Potter

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt

Let the numbers do the talking

Waitwhile works in the background to automate appointment scheduling, bring efficiency to customer flows, and increase satisfaction across the board.


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Best in class

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