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 / month
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  • 1 location
  • Up to 50 visits/month
  • Automated real time customer messages
  • 2-way messaging
  • 30 days chat support
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For small businesses with few locations

Starts at


 / month
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  • 1-4 locations
  • Up to 3,000 visits/month
  • Everything in Free Plan, plus:

    • Waitlist and bookings suites
    • Customized customer messages
    • Basic analytics and reporting
    • Basic branding and design
    • Chat and email support
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    For larger businesses with multiple locations

    Starts at


     / month
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    • 4+ locations
  • Up to 1,000 visits per location/month
  • Everything in Starter Plan, plus:

    • iOS/Android native apps
    • WaitIQ AI predictive wait tiimes
    • LineSync functionality
    • Advanced multi-location analytics
    • Custom branding and flow design
    • Zapier and API access integrations
    • Automated SMS team notifications
    • Geo-fencing and location directory with map
    • See all features

    For large organizations with custom needs

    Custom pricing
    Talk to us
    • Custom number of locations
  • Custom number of visits
  • Everything in Business Plan, plus:

    • Integrated waitlist, bookings, and events
    • Data anonymization and advanced security
    • Advanced analytics exports
    • Report builder
    • White labeling and advanced branding
    • Advanced internationalization and localization
    • Salesforce/CRM integrations
    • Custom integration configuration
    • Dedicated implementation and success team
    • Implementation program
    • Dedicated success team
    • Custom roles and permissions
    • See all features
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    95% of user feedback about our ordering app is how easy it is to use. It has been called magic. And that’s thanks to Waitwhile.

    Kevin Yim

    VP Marketing & Communications, Zippy’s


    You are in good company.

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    Get started
    Get started
    Number of visits Bookings and waitlisted parties per month
    50 visits monthly
    Up to 3000 visits monthly
    1000 visits per
    location monthly
    Number of locations Use Waitwhile across multiple locations
    1 location
    Up to 4 locations
    4+ locations
    2-way SMS messages Send and receive SMS to and from customers
    $2 SMS credit
    to try it out
    $2 SMS credit
    to try it out
    $2 SMS credit
    to try it out
    2-way email messages Send and receive emails to and from customers
    5 emails per visit
    2-way chat messages Send and receive web chat messages to and from customers
    Waitlist & Bookings
    Waitlist module Let customers get in line via virtual waitlists
    Bookings module Let customers schedule appointments
    TV monitor display Show your waitlist live on any screen with sound effects.
    Self sign-up and check-in kiosk Let customers sign up or register their arrival on a kiosk device
    LineSync feature to orchestrate bookings and waitlist Merge appointments and waitlisted customers seamlessly
    WaitIQ AI wait time estimation Provide the most accurate wait times with AI powered estimation
    Geo-fencing Limit area where guests can join the waitlist or make a booking.
    Occupancy tracking Track number of visitors versus your capacity.
    Location directory with map of locations Let customers find your nearest location with ease
    Coming soon
    Coming soon
    Team collaboration
    Invite team and admins Choose permission type and access for multiple logins.
    Resource management Assign staff and other resources to guests and set working hours.
    Service management Add services and set prices and durations for each.
    Roles and permissions Select roles and permission levels for users
    Account level settings Access account level overview of locations, analytics, settings and more
    Create custom roles Customize roles and permissions for your business needs
    Custom user and resource import Import user and/or resource schedules from third party apps
    Team notification channels Provide a broad scope of notification channels for your team
    Email, push
    Email, push
    Email, push, SMS
    Email, push, SMS
    Native apps Access the native Waitwhile iOS and Android apps
    IOS, Android
    IOS, Android
    Basic flow builder Create amazing customer flows with ease
    Basic branding Edit your customer-facing pages' colors, buttons, text, fonts, layout and more
    Basic multi-language support Access the Waitwhile platform and customer-facing pages in multiple languages
    Customize customer messages Personalize and templatize outgoing messages based on status, needs and interactions
    Customize team notifications Create and templatize custom team member notifications
    Advanced flow builder Access fully customizable flow builder features
    Advanced multi-language support Provide custom translations for a seamless experience
    White-label design and custom branding Remove Waitwhile branding, edit HTML/CSS, and more
    Analytics & Insights
    Detailed customer profiles Track all customers by loyalty, visit history, and preferences
    Basic analytics Access insightful analytics to improve your operations at the location level
    7 days
    Basic analytics export Export analytics to CSV or Excel
    7 days
    Multi-location advanced analytics Compare location performance and more with account level analytics
    Export customer data Export detailed customer data to CSV or Excel
    Import customer data Import customer data from a CSV directly to your waitlist
    Customized and advanced export analytics Generate custom advanced analytics exports
    Report builder Create custom reports based on your needs and preferences
    Coming soon
    Revenue data Access and track revenue data in Waitwhile to improve business operations
    Coming soon
    Goals Set up personalized goals and track performance
    Coming soon
    Data Integrations
    API access Get APIs for every account action (api.waitwhile.com/docs).
    Webhooks Subscribe to Waitwhile events in your own services and apps.
    Zapier integration Connect Waitwhile with 2000+ services you already use and love.
    Salesforce integration Connect Waitwhile with your Salesforce CRM and customize configuration
    Custom integrations Access other custom integrations
    Support & Services
    Chat support Get help via online chat.
    First 30 days
    Mon-Fri9am-6pm EST
    Mon-Fri9am-6pm EST
    Email support Get help via email.
    Mon-Fri9am-6pm EST
    Mon-Fri9am-6pm EST
    Phone support Get help via phone.
    Customer success manager Get a dedicated support person that is available on-demand.
    Product training Get training from our team to make the most of the product.
    Configuration help Get help setting up your account.
    Service-level agreement (SLA) Set up a formal agreement of up-time.
    Invoicing and PO Set up flexible payments via any preferred mechanism.
    Access & Security
    Audit Logging See a detailed log of all activities in your account.
    Daily Backup and Recovery Recover waitlist if your team makes a mistake.
    Data anonymization Anonymize your guest data and PII from Waitwhile servers on schedule.
    Data location control Restrict data storage to US only.
    SAML and SSO Integrate Waitwhile with your authentication service.
    HIPAA and data certification Get patient data controls and additional data compliance.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Check out this list of commonly asked questions.
    If you don't see what you need, email us at hello@waitwhile.com

    Can I use Waitwhile for free?
    Yes, indeed! You can waitlist up to 50 guests each month on the Free plan and access all of the awesome features.
    What if I exceed my Free or paid plan limits?
    You will still be able to access your waitlist, but you won't be able to add any new guests until the beginning of the next month (or if you choose to upgrade to the next plan).
    How do I know which plan is right for me?
    If you waitlist fewer than 50 guests a month, you should try our Free plan. Otherwise, choose Starter or Business based on the number of guests you expect, and for more features.
    Is billing based on each waitlist?
    No, billing is based on your Waitwhile Account which may have as many waitlists as you want. The total number of waitlisted guests across all your waitlists is what counts towards the different plan thresholds.
    What are my payment options - credit card and/or invoicing?
    You can use your credit card to pay for any plan. We support VISA, MasterCard and AMEX. If you sign up for an Annual subscription, we can invoice you annually.
    What kind of support do I get?
    We got your back! All our plans come with support via email and chat, and our Business and Enterprise plans also get phone support.
    Do you offer nonprofit, or educational discounts?
    Sure thing. Just contact us and we'll figure something out.
    Do you offer Enterprise contracts/pricing/support?
    Yep! Email us and we'll make it happen.
    Can I make a payment by invoice?
    We’re happy to provide invoicing on our Enterprise plans. Contact us to set up payment by check or bank transfer. We do not offer monthly invoicing.
    Do I get anything if I refer a friend to Waitwhile?
    Yep! We'll give you $50 in Waitwhile billing credit for every friend you refer to a Waitwhile plan. Even better, your friend will get $50 too! Learn more on the Referrals page.

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