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The Curbside Pickup Operations Handbook

Even before the pandemic, BOPIS (Buy Online, Pickup In Store) was booming. Today, curbside and in-store pickup is a service that consumers have come to expect. Click-and-collect sales are projected to sustain double-digit growth rates through 2024, reaching an estimated $140.96 billion.

In today’s retail landscape, digitally-native consumers want convenience and speed. Yet, many retailers have dragged their feet on building out curbside pickup because of the perception that it’s difficult to institute, operate, and manage.

With a virtual queue management system, you can set curbside pickup operations on autopilot, giving customers a flexible and efficient experience that they’ll love.

In this 16-page handbook, we’ll cover:

  • How shopping behaviors are changing
  • How BOPIS drives sales
  • Setting up curbside and in-store pickup operations: Step-by-step
  • Real-world examples of successful digital queue management implementations for curbside pickup
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