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Retail, shopping, and curbside pickup waitlist and appointments

Waitwhile takes the frustration out of waiting in line while keeping your customers and employees happy. With our virtual waitlist, occupancy tracking, curbside pickup, appointment scheduling, and more, we’ve helped thousands of businesses transform the way their customers shop.

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With Waitwhile, businesses have saved 100 million customers more than 10,000 years of waiting
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Virtual waitlist

Save your customers countless hours of waiting in line, eliminate lines in front of your store or fitting room, and keep your occupancy rates safe. Shoppers can join your virtual line via text, QR code, or web sign-up. Once signed in, they can monitor their place in line and will get a text, email, or both when their turn is coming up. Waitwhile uses machine learning to monitor and help you improve wait times, sales staff availability, and guest services.

Brands that use Waitwhile’s virtual waitlist feature:
Louis Vuitton, IKEA, Best Buy, Patagonia, REI, and many more.

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Curbside pickup

Allow customers to pick up their order curbside in a way that’s safe, convenient, and efficient. Shoppers can join your curbside waitlist once they arrive at your store. While their order is being filled, they’ll get wait time updates from the comfort of their vehicle until the moment their order is delivered directly to them.

Brands that use Waitwhile’s curbside pickup feature include IKEA and Best Buy.

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Occupancy tracking for better customer flow

Keep track of customers entering and exiting your store manually or automatically. Once you reach capacity, shoppers will be prompted to join your virtual waitlist.

Brands that use Waitwhile’s occupancy tracking feature include Victoria’s Secret, Best Buy, Nike, and Sobeys.

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In-store and virtual shopping appointments

Allow customers to pick a time to shop 1:1 with product experts. Set appointment availability, assign staff, and decide how to customize the shopping experience to make shoppers feel like VIPs. Add appointment scheduling to your website or other customer touchpoints with ease.

Brands that use Waitwhile’s in-store appointment feature include American Eagle, Suit Supply, Fleet Feet, Everlane, and Westfield.

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Drive LTV with better customer communication

Use automated and personalized 2-way messaging before, during, and after every visit. Send exclusive promos, thank customers for coming in, or request a review to build loyalty.

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Supercharge your

Waitwhile helps you streamline your operations, learn about your customers and increase satisfaction — on autopilot.

Manage customer flow like a boss

Track and limit occupancy, prioritize VIP customers, and get instant insight into customer wait times segmented by customer, staff member, or type of service.

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Build customer profiles

Never forget a face or an email address. Know previous services guests have received, their number of past visits, and more. Use the contact information you gather to create marketing campaigns.

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Set operations on auto pilot

Automate appointment confirmations, thank you messages, and requests for feedback. Plus, set cancellation notice requirements, maximum number of appointments, and more.

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Analyze, optimize, repeat

Optimize your operations based on knowing when your business is the busiest, which services are most popular, who the most efficient employees are, and more.

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Waitwhile works great with the tools you love

Waitwhile lets you connect your waitlist with your CRM, POS, Calendar, Ticket Manager, Slack channel, Website, App... you name it.

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“We've saved over 3 million customers queued through Waitwhile more than 140,000 days of waiting in line. It's been seamless.”

Cliff Stefanuk

Product Owner, Best Buy

95% of user feedback about our ordering app is how easy it is to use. It has been called magic. And that’s thanks to Waitwhile.

Kevin Yim

VP Marketing & Communications, Zippy’s


“Waiting for family members during surgery can be stressful. Our teams love Waitwhile because it brings empathy into a difficult process.”

Andrew Turczak

Managing Director, Hartford HealthCare

Best in Class

Waitwhile continues to be a customer and editor favorite, scoring top marks from the likes of Capterra, G2, and more.











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