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Simplify the event registration process

Use Waitwhile’s easy check-in capabilities to eliminate long lines and unruly crowds. You’ll be able to capture attendance info, sync data across devices, and send it to your CRM in real-time.


Businesses use Waitwhile’s event registration platform to

no-img Increase productivity
no-img Optimize user targeting
no-img Improve attendee communication
no-img Manage crowds safely
no-img Capture event data
Louis Vuitton

Waitwhile improves the wait experience for guests at Tribeca Film Festival

Tribeca Film Festival makes waiting delightful for 30k+ festival attendees with Waitwhile at their annual festival.

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Scarefest Scream Park delivers frights, terrors, and delights without the horror of long lines

With Waitwhile, Scarefest saw an immediate decrease in wait times and an increase in customer happiness.

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SUMMIT One Vanderbilt manages customer flow with Waitwhile

NYC’s immersive four-story installation SUMMIT One Vanderbilt uses Waitwhile to seamlessly manage ridership on the world’s largest glass floor elevator.

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Yale New Haven

Benefits explained

Manage crowds safely

Make it possible for attendees to check in to your event, get in line for a demo, or make an appointment at a booth from their smart device using a QR code, SMS, or web link.

Increase staff productivity

Use Waitwhile’s self-service Kiosk Mode to reduce the number of staff required to man the door. Attendees will be able to register or check-in using any smart device (including their own) without having to rely on a staff member.

Optimize user targeting

Build robust profiles of your attendees and their guests by capturing audience data through RSVPs and check-ins. With smart guest lists, targeting, email communications, and registration forms under one roof, you can optimize every touchpoint and increase ROI.

Improve attendee communication

Talk to your attendees before and after the event via SMS, email, push notification, or voice message. You’ll be able to say thanks, request feedback, and prompt happy attendees to leave a good review.

Capture event data

Translate data into actionable insights and improve future events. You’ll be able to keep track of the demand throughout the day and optimize your staffing levels or event layouts accordingly.

How it works

We’ve helped event organizers around the world create better waiting experiences for their guests, so we know what works, and we make it easy to get started.

Plus, you can customize every aspect to make it perfectly tailored to your specific event.

A few of the tools Waitwhile plays nice with

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Manage events of any size

Waitwhile is secure, reliable, and can be used across multiple locations to make events of every size a breeze to manage.


Boost loyalty & engagement with actionable data


Track & optimize each location with staff & business analytics


High security platform with little need for IT intervention


Competitive pricing designed to reflect the variability of operations


API access for a fully integrated and tailored solution

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