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Make guests feel like VIPs

Give your guests a seamless, flexible experience that exceeds expectations. With Waitwhile, your staff will have more time to deliver stellar customer service that sets your business apart.


Businesses rely on Waitwhile’s visitor management features to

no-img Provide multiple
check-in options
no-img Keep an open line of
no-img Be the host with
the most
no-img Meet heightened
safety expectations
no-img Request feedback
and act on it
Louis Vuitton

Waitwhile improves the wait experience for guests at Tribeca Film Festival

Tribeca Film Festival makes waiting delightful for 30k+ festival attendees with Waitwhile at their annual festival.

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Waitwhile helps Louis Vuitton create luxury check-in experiences across locations worldwide

Louis Vuitton has been relying on Waitwhile to deliver exceptional customer experiences in their global retail spaces since 2017.

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SUMMIT One Vanderbilt manages customer flow with Waitwhile

NYC’s immersive four-story installation SUMMIT One Vanderbilt uses Waitwhile to seamlessly manage ridership on the world’s largest glass floor elevator.

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Oklahoma State University uses Waitwhile to streamline student services

OSU-OKC used Waitwhile to revamp appointment scheduling and walk-in procedures, achieving a 99.9% student satisfaction rate.

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Yale New Haven

Benefits explained

Provide multiple check-in options

Customize how you want your guests to register or check in at your store – from a kiosk, using their phone, or through your website. Or let them register ahead of their visit, using any device.

Keep an open line of communication

Waitwhile allows you to maintain an open line of communication with your guests before, during, and after their visit. You can address their issues or questions in real time, or provide personalized updates so that you can proactively manage the toughest expectations.

Be the host with the most

Know what brings your returning customers back, their preferences, the text conversations you’ve had with them, their past wait times, and more.

Meet heightened safety expectations

Offer contactless check-in to your customers from their own devices using QR codes, SMS, or web links, and get rid of these aging public devices!

Avoid crowding in lobbies or waiting areas by letting customers wait from their favorite locations.

Remind everyone of safety requirements ahead of their visits via SMS or email.

Request feedback and act on it

Maintain a direct line of communication with your customers after their visit by sending personalized thank you messages and requests for feedback, and reduce your dependence on third-party rating systems like Google and Yelp.

How it works

We’ve helped businesses around the world create better lines for 150 million customers, so we know what works and we make it easy to get started. Plus, you can customize every aspect to make it perfectly tailored to your brand.

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Create extraordinary guest experiences at scale

Secure, reliable, flexible, and functional–across multiple business locations and experiences, Waitwhile meets the needs and requirements of the largest organizations.


Boost loyalty & engagement with actionable data


Track & optimize each location with staff & business analytics


High security platform with little need for IT intervention


Competitive pricing designed to reflect the variability of operations


API access for a fully integrated and tailored solution

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