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Case Study

Centex Auto Title uses Waitwhile to speed up Title & Registration services

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Centex Auto Title


Austin, TX


Automotive Title and Registration



Centex Auto Title, a Travis County and Texas DMV authorized service provider founded in July 2021, needed a way to provide a standout customer experience to individuals looking to title or register their vehicles.

In an industry that is not always known for positive customer experience, Centex wanted to take a customer-first approach. Finding the right queue management system was one of the crucial first steps. After exploring options, Centex Auto Title landed on Waitwhile because it was easy and straightforward to use.


avg. monthly customers


of customers are Spanish-speaking


decrease in wait time QoQ

The Challenge

Centex opened their doors in a time when pandemic restrictions had people waiting for weeks or months for an available appointment with title and registration service providers. They knew they could provide an alternative that would increase the number of customers processed and remedy long wait times.

Centex realized that appointments can lead to inefficient time usage as you have to budget for the maximum amount of time each appointment could take. Another big inefficiency was the fact that people often came unprepared, with either the wrong paperwork filled out or with no paperwork at all. In order to run as efficiently as possible, Centex had to figure out how to solve these two major challenges.

The Solution

Centex chose a walk-in operating model in order to serve a higher number of customers per day. While this approach does create a small wait for customers, Waitwhile ensures a positive customer experience.

While Waitwhile offers appointment scheduling features, the Centex team decided to primarily use the virtual waitlist, which allows their customers to quickly check-in upon arrival and then wait in the air conditioned comfort of their cars, safely out of the brutal Texas heat. While they wait, customers get accurate estimated wait times powered by machine learning on their phones and can text or email with the business.

Co-founder Riley Spiller tried out the free version of Waitwhile for a few weeks before sharing it with the full team. Once it was introduced, ”the team instantly understood how to use the tool and value of it,” he said. “That’s how I knew we’d made the right choice.”

Centex Auto Title’s use of Waitwhile quickly expanded after the initial launch and the business began structuring its operations around the platform. The check-in process is overseen by dedicated staff, with iPads in hand. These check-in clerks add customers to the virtual waitlist and help check paperwork before the customer ever enters the building. This ability to quickly check-in customers and automate waitlist management allows for a fast and efficient process – with a personal touch.

Features used


Allow customers to select the service they need, join a virtual waitlist, and be notified when it’s their turn – no matter where they are.

SMS Communication

Communicate with customers via text message and/or email in their preferred language.

Operational Analytics

Make improvements to your business by seeing the most popular times and services, as well as employee-specific metrics.

The Results

Thanks to smart business decisions and unlocked efficiencies with Waitwhile, Centex Auto Title has grown rapidly to become one of the largest producers, by volume, in their county of operation. “We want to delight our customers,” said Riley. “And Waitwhile helps us achieve that goal.”

In addition to the waitlist feature, Centex relies heavily on Waitwhile operational analytics. Using the platform’s dashboard, the leadership team can quickly assess the health of the business on a daily basis – even when they’re not onsite. They can see the number of customers processed, average wait times, service time broken down by employee, and more.

Centex keeps a close eye on how their business operates and they’re also always looking for ways to serve their customers even better. With help from Waitwhile analytics, they’ve been able to determine that 30% of their customers are Spanish-language speakers and focused hiring efforts towards Spanish-speaking staff to better accommodate their customer base.

Centex Auto Title has been able to use technology to their advantage and pivot quickly after identifying ways to improve with Waitwhile, which has been the secret sauce to their success.

“We want to delight our customers – and Waitwhile helps us achieve that goal.”

Riley Spiller
Co-founder, Centex Auto Title

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