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Case Study

Gojek uses Waitwhile to boost employee efficiency

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Gojek is Southeast Asia’s leading on-demand, multi-service tech platform that provides access to more than 20 transport-related services, connecting users with over 2 million registered drivers to access products and services across multiple sectors. In Singapore, Gojek runs a suite of ride-hailing transportation options.


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no-show rate

The Challenge

To serve its drivers, Gojek has an office in the heart of Singapore that offers a number of in-person services to new and existing drivers, including onboarding, vehicle rentals, and driver support.

When they were getting ready to first open the office in 2018, the Driver Care team at Gojek knew that they needed a digital solution to manage the unpredictable volume of drivers that would visit the office on a day-to-day basis. Searching for an appointment booking solution on Google, they found Waitwhile and were quickly won over by the simplicity of the platform, which they could use to not only run appointment scheduling but also to operate virtual waitlists for walk-ins.

The Solution

Today, Gojek uses Waitwhile to power its Driver Care operations in Singapore. New drivers that want to sign up for Gojek in person are able to book an onboarding appointment online via Waitwhile simply by visiting Gojek’s sign-up page online. To make sure drivers are ready for their appointments, the Gojek team uses Waitwhile’s 2-way messaging functionality to send automatic reminders (reducing no-show rate) and to remind drivers of the documentation they’ll need to have with them. If their availability changes, new drivers can reschedule or cancel on their own without needing to visit or call the office.

For existing drivers that have support needs, the Gojek Driver Care office uses Waitwhile to run a virtual waitlist. Upon arrival, Gojek staff add drivers to a virtual queue that’s displayed prominently on TV monitors in the waiting area. With Waitwhile’s AI-powered wait time estimates, the Gojek Driver Care team is able to deliver accurate wait estimates so drivers know exactly when they’ll be served. Because the Gojek Driver Care office offers a slate of services, it’s able to use Waitwhile to run multiple waitlists simultaneously, keeping things organized on the backend.

Features used


Allow visitors to join a virtual waitlist, receive an accurate wait time estimate, and keep track of their status in line.

SMS Communication

Keep an open line of communication and send visitors updates through SMS or email in their preferred language.

Operational Analytics

Make improvements to your business by seeing the most popular times and services, as well as employee-specific metrics.

Appointment Scheduling

Let guests book services, automate calendar management, and reduce no-shows with appointment reminders.

The Results

The Gojek Driver Care team not only uses Waitwhile to effectively manage office operations on a day-to-day basis, but they also rely heavily on Waitwhile analytics to make meaningful changes to boost efficiency.

With Waitwhile, the Gojek Driver Care team is able to easily see the big picture when it comes to operational metrics, including:

With these metrics on hand, the Gojek Driver Care team leads are able to make critical staffing decisions to ensure that the office is properly staffed for the anticipated volume of drivers on a daily basis.

Driver Care Team Lead, Fadhilah Rahim, can also keep track of employee productivity and performance. With Waitwhile, Fadhilah can see which employees are hitting their monthly goals (e.g., serve time, number of drivers served, etc.) to determine qualification for incentives. She’s also able to quickly see which employees are comparatively underperforming – and then deliver appropriate training to boost their efficiency.

Over four years into the partnership, Waitwhile remains critical to the operations of the Driver Care office at Gojek, effectively managing both walk-ins and appointments simultaneously, and providing the data needed to make the office operate more effectively.

“With Waitwhile’s analytics functionality, we have been able to track the serving time of our agents and hence, if they are not meeting the criteria, we will provide coaching – which will in turn make our agents much more efficient.”

Fadhilah Rahim
Driver Care Team Lead, Gojek Singapore

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