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Learn how companies use Waitwhile to deliver incredible wait experiences for millions of people around the world.

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Waitwhile helps
Louis Vuitton create luxury check-in experiences across locations worldwide

Louis Vuitton has been relying on Waitwhile to deliver exceptional customer experiences in their global retail spaces since 2017.

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Waitwhile elevates the customer experience at Best Buy Canada

Best Buy uses Waitwhile for queue management and curbside pickup at 169 retail locations across Canada.

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Waitwhile improves the wait experience for guests at Tribeca Film Festival

Tribeca Film Festival makes waiting delightful for 30k+ festival attendees with Waitwhile at their annual festival.

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Hartford HealthCare hospitals provide real-time patient care updates to loved ones using Waitwhile

Hartford HealthCare hospitals use Waitwhile as a communication platform to provide surgery updates to concerned family and friends.

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State of Colorado

State of Colorado relies on Waitwhile to manage various helpdesks and ticketing services across multiple departments.


Facebook rely on Waitwhile to manage the queues at their Oculus Rift events.


LinkedIn use Waitwhile for their recruiting events and for their student outreach events.

VR Arles Festival

VR Arles Festival used Waitwhile to successfully manage their lines for 40 000 visitors across 18 immersive VR experiences.

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Mercedes-Benz rely on Waitwhile to improve operations at dealerships in the US and the wait times for their customers.


Outdoors retailer Cabela’s use Waitwhile to manage an end-to-end queuing experience to delight their store visitors.

Nevada State

Nevada State College use Waitwhile everyday to manage the queue for their student services and support center.

Wolf Whiskers

Wolf Whiskers uses Waitwhile to remotely operate a barber shop while giving customers a transparent view of the wait time for their orders.

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Clinica Talticpac

Clinica Talticpac uses Waitwhile to successfully manage their walk-in patients who are in urgent need of restoring movement and removing pain.

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ModernMD uses Waitwhile to provide an excellent experience for their urgent care patients through the challenges of COVID and beyond.

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Zippy’s, an iconic dining institution in Hawaii, has been using Waitwhile to keep both guests and staff safe while dishing up the delicious favorites its customers love across all 22 of its locations.

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Scarefest Scream park

When the long waits to get into Scarefest Scream Park started making their visitors unhappy, Scarefest turned to Waitwhile’s virtual wait management platform and saw an immediate decrease in wait times and an increase in customer happiness.

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Waitwhile powers family-run Sgro’s Barbershop with intuitive appointment scheduling

When the pandemic forced Sgro’s to rethink a 55-year operating model, Waitwhile helped the business thrive.

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Oklahoma State University uses Waitwhile to streamline student services

OSU-OKC used Waitwhile to revamp appointment scheduling and walk-in procedures, achieving a 99.9% student satisfaction rate.

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Applebee’s uses Waitwhile to improve the guest experience & save staff time

Applebee’s needed a better way to manage crowds and make waiting more streamlined for their customers across 441 locations.

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SUMMIT One Vanderbilt manages customer flow with Waitwhile

NYC’s immersive four-story installation SUMMIT One Vanderbilt uses Waitwhile to seamlessly manage ridership on the world’s largest glass floor elevator.

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U.S. Air Force uses Waitwhile to run its appointment scheduling process

The US Air Force needed a more efficient way for service members to line up for routine appointments.

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SKAPS Industries uses Waitwhile to coordinate shipments and deliveries

See how this manufacturing leader digitally transformed shipment management and communication with truck drivers.

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Waitwhile manages crowds and drives sales at Kidsignments

One of the largest consignment sales in the US, Kidsignments, needed a way to manage packed checkout queues.

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