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Case Study

Waitwhile helps run southwestern medical office Clinica Talticpac more efficiently


Clinica Talticpac


Arizona, United States


Store & Retail



Clinica Talticpac uses Waitwhile to successfully manage their walk-in patients who are in urgent need of restoring movement and removing pain.

Opened in 2012 by Dr. Ventura to provide high-quality healthcare using both conventional and natural approaches and to help patients achieve optimum health, mobility, and become pain free.


Patients Waitlisted


Customer Satisfaction

The Challenge

The Clinic focuses mainly on workers compensation cases, treating sports injuries and motor vehicle accidents. As it’s a walk-in only clinic, the ‘first come first serve’ rule applies to all of the patients this office sees.

Previously, the Clinic used a ‘paper sign in sheet’, but as it started to grow and the waiting room was busier, the paper list simply wasn’t enough. He also wanted to know how long his patients were waiting in his lobby, and if the wait times were longer than average, to be able to isolate what caused it.

Dr. Ventura and his staff had patients jumping the order in line and moving themselves to different line positions when the medical staff wasn’t available to watch, so patients were getting frustrated that they weren’t being seen in a fair order.

However, above all, his biggest concern was patient privacy - he needed a solution to sign patients up for the waitlist in a secured fashion, but not expose their information to other client visitors.

The Solution

Dr. Ventura decided to implement the Waitwhile virtual queueing solution in 2019 to improve patient flow and for better time management in the clinic.

Because Waitwhile breaks down how long patients have ‘waited’ and how long it takes to ‘serve’ them, Dr. Ventura’s staff can now have access to the waitlist from wherever they are in the clinic, making it much easier for the facility to cooperate as a whole.

Waitwhile’s ‘Force Close’ feature (an automatic ‘turn off’ override button that disables your waitlist and the ability for customers to sign up) helps the clinic manage patient walk-ins, even if they are close to end of day or outside of normal business hours. It also allows him to turn off the list if his staff isn’t able to see anyone else that particular day.

"Waitwhile has made me more efficient. It allows me to gauge my employees performance and how long it takes them to perform services. I use a tablet to jot down notes with a stylus, and because it’s web based, I can navigate between how fast appointments are taking and allows me to see the list at the same time. Time management - it’s helping a lot." - says Dr. Ventura.

Features used

Virtual Waitlist

Manage lines of guests and resources.


Analyze wait time trends and satisfaction.

The Result

Waitwhile automated the ‘new patients’ alerts for the clinic, and as a result it is helping to keep track of how long patients are waiting to be seen and making sure appointments are scheduled only for times that the Doctor is actually available.

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