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Case Study

Hartford HealthCare hospitals provide real-time patient care updates to loved ones using Waitwhile


Hartford HealthCare







Hartford HealthCare is Connecticut’s most comprehensive healthcare network. Its unique Institute Model offers a single, high standard of care in crucial specialties at hospital and ambulatory sites across Connecticut.

Hartford HealthCare has relied on Waitwhile since 2017 to keep patients’ relatives well informed when they are waiting in often stressful and high anxiety situations.


Customer Satisfaction


year partnership

The Challenge

In 2017, Hartford HealthCare’s Connecticut Orthopaedic Institute (COI) realized that a critical component of achieving its goal of providing exceptional service and customer satisfaction was improving communications with the patients and their family members. Hartford HealthCare now uses Waitwhile to keep an open line of communication with patients, family members, and other loved ones.

COI leadership recognized that communicating with interested parties throughout surgical care could alleviate confusion, stress, and worry. The team began looking for tools that would make the communication process easier for both the medical staff and loved ones alike. They found Waitwhile and began working to build the optimal system for their needs.

The Solution

Together, Waitwhile and COI developed a program to keep family members and visitors updated throughout the perioperative period. The primary feature that COI relies on is Waitwhile’s ability to send automated messages throughout the surgical process – updating loved ones on the patient’s status. The team at COI set up an automated information path that communicates key care milestones via text message to family members from intake to recovery.

Features used

SMS Communication

Keep patients and family members in the know


Surface trends and garner user feedback

“Waiting for family members during surgery can be stressful. Our teams love Waitwhile because it brings empathy into a difficult process.”

Andrew Turczak
Managing Director, Hartford HealthCare

The Result

Waitwhile has greatly improved the patient experience and helped improve satisfaction rates by providing real-time communications so everyone can stay up to date on their loved one’s medical procedures.

Since Waitwhile was incorporated into Hartford HealthCare’s operations, reviews from family members have been consistently positive. People feel that they’re “kept in the know” with greater regularity and clarity compared to any other medical institutions they’ve visited in the past.

Even minor surgical procedures can create concern and worry. By keeping loved ones informed every step of the way, Waitwhile reduces anxiety, worry, and unease. Patients undergoing procedures feel calmer, too, knowing their family is being kept in the loop. For operating room staff, Waitwhile automation features have added key efficiencies to the information sharing process. By making communication feasible and clear, everyone involved has a better overall experience.

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