How Waitwhile can help during COVID-19

Waitwhile helps you limit the interaction between customers by eliminating waiting lines and enforcing occupancy restrictions.
Track the number of customers in your store
Waitwhile’s capacity management features allow you to easily follow occupancy restrictions.

Track occupancy at all times

Keep a tally of customers entering and leaving your store.

Limit entrance

Allow your customers to join the line virtually when your store reaches its max capacity.

Eliminate lines if front of your store
Let customers wait from anywhere while staying updated with their waiting status.

Join the line virtually

Let customers join the line virtually or schedule an in-store appointment.

Improve customer satisfaction

Create an enjoyable shopping experience by reducing wait times while keeping your customers safe.

A safer shopping experience for everyone
Create a safer shopping experience by removing waiting lines and follow occupancy restrictions.

Promote social distancing

Help your customers and employees practice social distancing inside and in front of your store.

Curbside pickup

Let customers stay in their car until their order is ready.

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