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Wolf Whiskers uses Waitwhile to remotely operate a barber shop while giving customers a transparent view of the wait time for their orders.

The Challenge

Wolf Whiskers had difficulty managing an online customer waitlist for his small shaving brush business. In the beginning, he would create an ‘electronic queue’ via a spreadsheet on a PC, but he quickly found that this method was too slow when adding information and didn’t give customers an option to monitor their position onto the waitlist.

Peter’s business picked up, and once the product demand reached a certain level, Wolf Whiskers' reputation for quality was international. With the increase in demand, it quickly became apparent to Peter that a spreadsheet was not adequate for transparency or business growth. This was a discouragement for potential customers and a problem that he wanted to ensure he solved quickly.

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Peter introduced Waitwhile into the Wolf Whiskers business in 2015. Since then, Waitwhile has helped provide transparency in the wait time, which was vital for the micro sized Wolf Whiskers. Waitwhile also draws the customer into the ordering , making the customer feel as if it’s part of a customer experience.

Like many companies using Waitwhile, Peter discovered that nearly all customers will wait patiently as long as the final product is worth the wait and transparency of the waiting is constantly present.

Waitwhile provides Wolf Whiskers with all of these features and is visible to all of the international customers that Wolf Whiskers markets to.

Waitwhile also enables Peter to open and close the waitlist based on his constantly changing business needs and availability. He can choose styling options to customize the look and feel of the list and send automatically triggered emails and SMS texts to his customers to keep them updated on their wait in line. These, and many other features, have allowed a complete transparency for the sales process of the customized and unique products he offers.

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The "Official Wolf Whiskers Custom Shaving brushes Wait List" is now an ongoing, constantly rotating wait list for customers to sign up on and wait for a this talented artisan to design and handcraft a professional shaving brush. Waitwhile’s automatic triggering of emails and SMS texts to each customer about their waiting status and journey has become a crucial element of the business success.

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Wolf Whiskers launched in 2013 with a vision to unite a wet shaver's passion & imagination with an artisan's eagerness to bring the abstract into fruition as an affordable, functional piece of art. Offices

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